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Divine Knights Recruiting! - XBOX/PS3 Clan

The Knights are Calling... Do You Dare Heed the Call?


Are You Looking for a Mature, Competitive, & Friendly Gaming Environment?


Do You Hunger to Test Your Skills Against Some of the Best Players Around?


Are You Looking for a Stable Clan That Will be Around Not Just Months but Years From Now?






Then the Divine Knights Clan May Be the Place for You!



The Divine Knight Clan is a multi-platform multi-national gaming community filled with mature & friendly individuals. Born in 2008 by 9 individuals who were looking for more than what the everyday clan can offer. They founded a clan that follows the Tenets of Respect, Maturity, Honor, Loyalty & Team Work.



What can we provide you?




Mature players (16+ Age Requirement)

[*]A rigorous recruitment process, that ensures only mature & dedicated individuals join our ranks

[*]Players of good skill level to advanced gamers

[*]Participation in public tournaments

[*]SEAL http://www.seasnipers.net/

[*]Game Battles http://www.gamebattles.com/

[*]Dedicated & helpful clan officers & members

[*]A Family Environment with dedicated Family members forum

[*]Community Outreach: Donations to charities such as Child's Play Charity http://childsplaycharity.org

[*]Corporate sponsors

[*]A great group of Ally Clans

[*]Friendly Scrimmages[/color]





A top of the line Website:


[*]Interactive Forums

[*]Games Arcade

[*]Forum Member Shoutbox

[*]Professional looking forum signature by our superb graphics team

[*]A Calm and Peaceful environment where gaming can be competitive, but always fun

[*]Exciting Community Forums - Premium Flash Website




We are a Multi-Platform and can currently find us playing in the following games:

[*]PS3 : Call of Duty : Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3

[*]XBOX 360 : COD: Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3

[*]PC: Starcraft 2, RIFT, WoW, SWTOR








Go to forums to sign up today!



If you have any questions regarding Divine Knights feel free to ask and I will reply asap.