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Collection 1 maps hardly ever an option in multiplayer (Elite -free) -xbox360

Downloaded the Collection 1 map pack, and all maps are on the system OK. in matchmaking, the new maps have only presented themselves as a option ONCE out of ~150 matches (honestly... i counted), played across the range of playlists and gametypes. I have seen this is not a problem on the playstation network. Its doesn't feel right i've bought the map pack to only play a new map once in 150 games. And why can playstation choose to play the new maps in a separate playlist, yet xbox dont have this option? Can anyone help me here?

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    The new maps are weighted a bit more than the maps that released with MW3. Currently, PS3's most recent content would be up to the collection, so they have the Collection 1 playlist. On the Xbox 360, there is content that has been released beyond Collection 1, so that content is included in the ELITE playlist (instead of having a collection 1 playlist).


    The maps are weighted in the normal playlists the same across both platforms. Please keep in mind, at times, more players may not have the content, or have content disabled, which may make the occurrence of new maps a bit lower.


    We apologize for the inconvenience.

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    Hi, I've spent a while with Activision today. Basically you can only play the new maps in the standard playlists ie you can not play them in Hard Coreunless you are a Premium Elite Member. I bought the maps to play HC with my friends, some of which are Premium Elite Members but couldn't as the game states you now have to have the Sanctuary Map which you can't get. Basically, I have also wasted 1200 points and told Activision I am not happpy as at no time was I made aware that you could not use the maps in HC. As a side issue they said they will be playable in the future but couldn't advise n a date, maybe it will be before November when the next game is out.... As a matter of interest, was anyone told about this before they bought their non refundable DLC1?