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  • 170. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    Not sure if anyone has suggested this buy try clearing the Cookies and the cache on your PS 3 and your cache on the Xbox 360 (worked for me and some other people I know)


    PS 3-

    Launch the internet browser

    Hit the triangle button

    Go to tools

    Go down to delete cookies




    Xbox 360 -

    Go to Settings

    System Settings


    Highlight the hard drive and hit Y

    Clear System Cache


    Try the game again and see if this helps. 


    If you have room on your hard drive install the game there and this may help as well.

  • 171. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    I have the same problem. The only thing that I changed was the consoles location. I thought it was because it was in an entainment center and was over heating. Where before it was more open. So I opened the doors on the center for more air and turned game side ways to breath better. Still no luck ! i too would love how to fix this problem

  • 172. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    I have had disc read error problem for last 2 weeks+ now both online and in campain modes, started after patch 1.10 i think, have done file restore, full hdd format, brought the game again and just about everything else ive seen surgested and still no fix for it.  Activision help line was no help at all and its only mw3 playing up all other games and blu-rays run fine all the time.  My console is less than a year old so rang sony who told me they had not heard of this problem before? hmm with so many people having the same problem in these forums i doubt that but they had no idea so are sending out a brand new console for me so hopefully that will be an end to it.

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    I sign the original post...


    My name is T-Zone & I have contributed hundreds of hours to the Cod franchise since the original Modern Warfare. I own & still use an original upgraded 60GB Launch PS3. Over the past month, I have seen an increase in Freezing & Disc Read Errors while playing MW3. This past week alone, I can barely play the game without it having an error. I make sure my disc is clean, still problematic. Turn off Theather recording, still problematic. Delete & re-install current game firmware, still problematic. All in all, about 30 times it froze & a dozen disc read errors. I have tested 30 other games, and don't have a problem. At the moment, I don't have the option of trading or buying another copy. I'm still trying to figure out why this is still happening. After buying Elite back in March, I don't want to quit.

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    this is bullshit my game worked fine till now.  i payed like a hundred bucks 2 pre order this peice of **** game just 2 to have FOUNDER status and here my game is saying disk read error but its a clean disk and new ps3 slim and funny its the only MW3 game that im having this plroblem with.  DISK READ ERROR CODE WTF IS THIS ACTIVISION JUST ADDMIT U SOLD US JUNK CDS FOR WAY TO MUCH MONEY.ROBERT BOLING WAS RIGHT U GUYS DONT CARE ABOUT US GAMERS ANYMORE JUST HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN MAKE NOW.  I WANT A NEW GAME THAT ******* WORKS FOR THE HUNDRED DOLLARS I SPENT FOR A PEICE OF TRASH DISK THAT WONT EVEN READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGHHH

  • 175. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    i cannot play my game for more than 1 minute before it freezes and comes up with disc read error.

  • 176. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    try my solution on page 11 sumting worked for me no problem since

  • 177. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    I've got this too now and its basically pathetic.

    It's quite obviously a software glitch and I have no idea why activision ate t doing something about it? Sticking their heads in the sand just like the last unprofessional mob did when they killed black ops online. I feel cheated and used.

    Activision - pull your fingers out!

  • 178. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    i think he meant from the store i think u can dl it in the store now

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    Two slims died on me for MW3. Cos of the constant disc accessing. I wish they bring an install to HD option or let you download the game from PSN. Blops is available in PSN to download to HD why dont they do it with mw3 for those who own the game disc ? Would be easy to distribute it as a "DLC" download

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