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    Lag/Hit Detection issues are bad, but the spawns are also bad. I just wish MW3 had comabat training, it was the best feature from Black Ops that would have have made MW3 amazing. I would be able to play the game and level up with friends that join without lag and have practice.


    It's funny because if they could only add AI into the current split-screen system in the game that would be fine. Just no network options. Possible Patch?




    Lol, no wonder people stopped playing. Eveyone says MW2 was WAY better so why no go back to it. Seems so stupid of a thing to not do. Host having the advnatage was not an issue.

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    Well tonight I tried playing and the enemy went to shoot a jug on my team, and guess where I spwaned? Right in the middle of the shots and I died instantly. Nothing like that has ever happened in MW2 on Rust, heck I think that only happned to me once on Shipment on COD4. I stopped playing after that. I just get bored trying to deal with lag, and spawns. And I notice that when I get killed i spwan right next to the person that killed me. This is bad because I always get shot from behind when I take a path. I never really noticed it on MW2. I want to go back to MW2 but I am not sure if hackers are bad on there still, I don't care about text on the screen but deranks and stuff like that I don't want. All in all, legacy titles are the best and no longer get patched. I think I might be done with gaming overall as it seems games are getting less creative and worse. Maybe start my own youtube channel or something to do with networking computers, and consult mac on my findings lol. idk

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    DerGeraeeet wrote:


    I remember in the MW2 days when everyone on my friends list had MW2 and sometimes the party was that big that we were forced to play Ground War, good times, good times.


    Now today, only 1 person is playing MW3 on my friend list, everyone else is sick of the lag in this game, some have already sold it because they lost hope in IW, and only 3 are waiting for a lag fix update.


    I could playing solo or joining a clan but thats extremly boring to me, playing with friends and having fun is what made CoD so great and enjoyable, if this won't be fixed then we will switch to a new game, maybe respawns upcoming shooter.


    I have 30 friends on my list. Me and other 2 guys are still playing at MW3 ( I play less than before too). Two months ago most of my friends were playing MW3. If I had to make  a statistic, based on my friends, around 80% of them stopped to play MW3. Most of them are COD's fans series, some of them have played MW2 for two years waiting for MW3.


    I have reached the 15th prestige, so now i can stop to play too.


    I have no fun to play this game, for the lag/sync issues, for the matchmaking system, but also for others things like spawn system and deathstreaks.


    This game, apart all problems we are discussing, was thought wrong from the start, when someone had the idea of make it "fair".


    The added latency for better connections, spawn revenge, deathstreaks, and support streaks, don't make the game fair, but have deteriorated it.


    Another thing is to start everyone with the same possibility, that is different to what they did, trying to make the game fair for all.


    I don't think that my friends will return to play it, even if it will be fixed in some part. They/I are/am bored and disappointed by this game too much, for thinking to get back.

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    I don't blame my friends for switching over to other games.


    It's a shame though, when Black Ops was the lead COD title, my FL's would show up with players on Black Ops all the way till Mid October. It seems MW3 isn't warming up to my friends who have been hardcore COD players since COD3.


    Connectivity & matchmaking is one huge aspect on why they cannot play MW3. When we have DLC disabled, we're still waiting for a match for at least 10 mins before we start finding an opposition.


    Spawns & Deathstreaks are another part of it but connectivity & matchmaking is just frustrating. I haven't even got a chance to play on Sanctuary & Foundation because the damn DLC playlist doesn't want the new maps to appear.


    At least Treyarch had the initiative to allow all DLC maps to appear more often once they came out.


    By the way, it's a Friday night here. Black Ops has 100,000 players online.


    MW3 has 93,000 players online.

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    Why are there more people playing BO than MW3?


    Seems a bit odd?

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    I think what your seeing now is a general movement from bad game to good game, guess everyone is sick and tired of lag in mw3, black ops is quite fun to play especially since it caters to players with skill level rather than rewarding bad players with deathstreaks, also im sure the recent reveal of BO2 has intrigued alot of people, resulting in them going back to BO.


    It will be interesting to see how BO2 is made, are treyarch leaving the old World War scene with the old guns? are they moving into the modern warfare scene?

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    Most of my friends are call of duty guys, and barely any play. I got some 4RUMboys, but even then that's not saying much. Kind of sad, really. I didn't have any trouble in past games getting a team.

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    I remember a few times where only I have spawned next to the enemy team while my teammates are sitting pretty on the other side of the map. Also remember one time in particular where I spawned in front of an enemy sentry gun and it killed me.


    One time I also spawned into a friendly care package that rolled right towards me as it was coming down.

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    Going off-topic here but I'm impressed in how Treyarch is advertising their next COD title.


    All these secret codes, "tacticus" - apparantly a weapons manufacturer, the quadrotor etc....wow, my mates & I can get into discussions about where is the next COD title is going to be set, whether it's set straight after Black Ops or possibly in the future etc.


    Why are there more people playing BO than MW3?


    Seems a bit odd?

    I guess the community are enjoying Black Ops more than MW3. I lasted only 2 games of MW3 tonight & switched to Black Ops Zombies.