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Sensitivity problem

One of the biggest problems is the ability for every player to change their sensitivity. This causes an unfair advantage to higher users because they turn and shoot well before their animation shows it. You need a level,playing feild and none of this chose your number make if fixed please.

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    Cant tell if troll or serious


    If you're serious- With higher sensitivity comes less accuracy, especially in ranged gun fights. Besides, every single player has the option to bump their sensitivity up so if you really think that it causes an unfair advantage then just bump yours up? People will play with what they are comfortable with, what of it?

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      I hear a lot of the better players say they prefer lower sensitivity. I dont think its a fairness issue. I just think it lets people play how they feel comfortable. If I have to play on a sensitivity that is comfortable to you but not me, how is that fair.


       I usually keep mine at about 4. It helps having it a bit higher for sniping, but if I raise it I wind up bumping into doorways and stuff.


       Just play how you feel comfortable and quit worrying about what others do  .... at least in most cases. If you look for something to blame as being unfair you are going to find it wheteher its there or not. If you are looking at how others got an unfair advantage, you are missing something more importannt ........ what you did wrong.

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    You've got the whole thing all over the place. If you want to complain about lag, do so but sensitivity has nothing to do with it. Its just another branch affected by lag.

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    • i dont feel its problem some will say low is better some will say hige is chuck in fps freeks still dont make a diffrence imo
    • i play on 10 allways have since mw2
    • some good youtube players seenanners not sure if thats how u put it plays on a 4 or lower
    • its what ever u used to it was hard for me to play on 10 at first but i just bumped it up every day till i was good with it
    • now when i lower it i find it to slow but if i left it there it would feel ok after a few games or so
    • every one has a choice to use it its up to them if been 10 was the best every one would be if been low was the best every one would be
    • same as tactical lay out i use that some use default pros and cons in that to 1 been its harder to knife ppl ( panic knife on tactical ) but easyer to drop shot just depends on your style the way u play and what u are happy with
    • but its not a problem at all i dont think so anyways
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      I am like you. Because I "hard scope - lol" when playing anything less then 10 and I cannot track people (I suppose I would get used to it).


      I got used to playing on 10 and now I cannot drop it.  I feel too sluggish.