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FIx the spwans system already


The spwan system in this game is horrible, Imean really horrible.  It is especially bad when playing free for all, you have me spwining in middle of 2 people front and behind.  I kill one person and he will spwan right in front of me again.  Today i spwan and the next second a enemy spwan in the same spot as I did.

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    I agree, the spawns are absolutely crap, i can kill someone and they will revenge spawn me. I have played on Xbox and now ps3, and its the same, infinity ward/Activision needs to do a better job with the system of spawns, with hit direction. Also fix the lag compensation.

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      I play on PS3 and the last week has been an absolute nightmare. Such BS. This is the ONLY CoD that actually drives me to state of anger that I have never experienced with ANY other CoD EVER made. Garbage programming and Bowling knew it, which is why he left IMO.

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    Ya I played a couple quick games of FFA yesterday and it seemed as if people were spawning right next to me all the time.  I think I got 10 kills because someone spawned in right in front of me both games I played.


    It was weird.

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    Truth be told, there really is NOTHING that can be done about the spawns. 99% of the maps are so small, and filled with so much clutter and buildings that in games like FFA you ARE going to spawn and be spawned in front/behind enemies. There is simply no way around it. The TTK (time to kill) in this game is so low that even if they added spawn protection for a few seconds that it would be the biggest OP thing known to man.


    I stand by what I have said numerous times, this game is the biggest pile of steamy dog doo-doo in COD history. I literally have 11 hours in the game, and about 14 hours of 2x XP still left from the Dew promotion. I have no intention of ever using it either.