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my L86 LSW


My L86 LSW,

She's my gall,

i call her Lorainne

with her golden barrels,

I pwn in this game:)

she's always the one,

to stand out in a crowd,

but only because,

she takes choppers out:)

We go where ever,

always together

paris or new york,

it doesn't matter

most don't understand,

and call her a hag

just because she,

might deny you your tag:)

I sometimes falter,

but she never missed

her muffled lips,

down all that are kissed:)

she's always prepared ,

when i'm in the mood

together we run,

up to no good

coveted by many,

but loved by me most

she leads me from misery

even when i am host:)

her voice is like song,

her reach is the stars

her temper is raw,

even under three bars:)

they scream and they cry,

when you pass them by

one look from you

and every one dies:)

most give her the blind eye,

some give her a chance

the impact she has,

gets her lots of fans

the joy that we have,

when we're on a streak

and all run in terror,

is truly unique:)

the impressions she makes,

on every one

makes that for me,

There's no finer gun

i love you baby!!:P

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    With thermal she rocks,

    Doesn't matter what distance

    I miss you baby 


    (have to level it up again)

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    That takes it to a WHOLEEEE new level (worried)

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    • wow u must love her so much to drop a rhyme
    • but for me da mp7 this beast allways shines
    • extended mags and rapid fire
    • this beast is the daddy
    • all u need to do is hip fire
    • sleight of hand blast shield and steady aim
    • allways puts me on track to ****
    • stun me flash me u will never phase me
    • unstoppable force in the makein see
    • uav counter advanced i see
    • there u are i cut of your movement on the map
    • rain terror on your ass to be shot in the back
    • no matter how good a gun is
    • the kill streaks u stack
    • assassin is a ***** perk
    • for campers to shoot you in the back
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    Wow, nice but I never knew someone could love an object that doesn't even exist.   


    That said it is a beastly weapon, when people just keep running around the corner because they just know you have to reload sometime but you just keep raining terror down upon them!!!  hahahahaha