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Combining perk effects

Bare with me here this is just an idea I had that may help increase the variety of perks used as well as encourage other play styles and decrease killstreak dominance.  I'm going to use MW3s perk setup for this post.


Combining two pro perks in one load out will grant you different effects based on what perks are being used.




Hardline Pro + Blind Eye Pro: Decreases number of flares that enemy killstreaks have and lower damage required to take them down. Applies to all killstreaks.


Blast Shield Pro + Blind Eye Pro: Increases the number of flares your killstreaks have and increases the damage required to take them down. Applies to all killstreaks.


Assassin Pro + Dead Silence Pro: Hides any announcements you may trigger. (IE: If you call in a Cobra it won't announce it to the other team. If you take an objective it won't alert the enemy team) Also hides flag beacon in CTF like BO's Ghost did.


Recon Pro + Marksman Pro: Grants you immunity to CUAVs and EMPs


Blast Shield Pro + Steady Aim Pro: Increase your explosives blast radius but not damage.


Quickdraw Pro + Sit Rep Pro: Increases your tactical equipments radius


Recon Pro + Sit Rep Pro: Shows enemies through walls as if they were equipment for one second, does not apply to bullet damage.


Overkill Pro + Scavenger Pro: Allows you carry an extra tactical and lethal piece of equipment. (Does not include portable radar, scrambler or tactical insertions) All guns you pick up have full ammo.


Stalker Pro + Blast Shield Pro: Reset fuse on enemy frags, semtex stickies do max damage without killing you.


Hardline Pro + Sit Rep Pro: Lets you take care packages and booby trap them afterwards


Hardline Pro + Scavenger Pro: Lets you re-roll care packages. (Does not apply to escort air drops or offsprey gunners) (applies to enemy care packages)


Sleight of Hand Pro + Blast Shield Pro: Makes your lethal equipment set off faster. (normal set off if enemy is using stalker pro)


Obviously some perk combination should not grant added effects, such as Assassin + Stalker or Assassin + Blind Eye.

Just a random thought I had.


Thoughts anyone?