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    Orihamu wrote:


    It will stop and start again a few times and then it will be normal. Have you ever had your game skip when you are in a pregame lobby or the multiplayer menus? It is like that.

    Still not sure what you're talking about, but whatever, forget it.

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    Orihamu wrote:


    I have never heard anyone ingame be it a random or a friend complain about how being host makes them do worse.  I come on these forums at least once a week to see what is going on and I have seen few posts about how host power is bad in MW3. It must not be for everyone, because for me host power is the same as ever.

    I'm on here pretty much every day of the week, (unless I get super busy at work) and trust me, there have been many many threads on the subject. A quick search will prove me right.

    Even in my experience, host doesn't work in MW3 like it used to in previous CODs; I wish it did.

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    It does for me and my friends O_O. But my connection skipping is like that of a DVD skipping. That should be more clear.

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    Orihamu wrote:


    It does for me and my friends O_O. But my connection skipping is like that of a DVD skipping. That should be more clear.

    In Black Ops, when had host I would just love beasting on people. Host Pro was the best. You'll never catch me bailing on a game when I have a connection advantage.


    Ok, I'll keep an eye out for the dvd skipping phenomenon.

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    It only happens on my connection   And it happens on the menus for some people as well, although it has not happened in a while. It was more when the game first came out. But yea MY connection skips occasionaly and it happens to everyone when I get host. Which is another way I know if I have host.

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    Bro's Bro's jesus..."camping" really. every single mw3 map is a postage stamp...i get alot of kills. i avrg high 20's low 30's in tdm. i run specialist almost every game. because of the cramped maps, i get a few kills form a spot(no not a corner) then move up the map.then the dudes i kill spawn behind me so i have to double back by the time my uav or my instincts or whatever turns me the right way.i'm back where i just was. i rush to hard sometimes because the maps are to small. if you run into more then one person when your out in the open your most likely ******(if they're any good)evry gun has a fast kill time. so i play with my team. i don't "camp" with them i run little circles around the part of the map they're working in and pick off flankers. when my team is on the move,i move. when they "camp' i help them by flanking dudes throwing grenades and FBs. team work is the most important thing. consider that most people who camp. are playn solo without a mic.if you can't talk to your team why would you try to runn n gun? someone posted anyone who defends camping is a camper. i'm defending team work. almost every map has a building/area that is so important that if you lose it you have to retake it! because the other team will "camp in there if you let them.some spots need someone "camping". some teams go ape **** the second you kill them from the building in resistance. THE BUILDING. everyone knows what i mean i'm sure.Lol the funny thing is i came in on MW2 camping was a milliopn time worse.i H8ed them soooooo much dudes with one man army noob tubes! RUFKM!!! now i want people to camp. it's my specialty now. it pissed me off now i pissed them off. i Moab'd without  my team getting any uavs vests recondrones nothing. because the dudes were camping. use smoke. smoke is the ****.for killing campers.fact is in mw3 smgs are Op.stalker Smgs. nuf said. if someone corner camps. it's probly cause your a **** and you **** them mercylessly  2 sec after they spwan. because you move so fast it's stupid. my aim senceitivity is 8. stalkers with mp7s or any smg are to fast i have to drop my aim and hip fire, then aim again.popnlock. just to get them. new players are not good atpopnlock. so they "camp".WAY less people camp in this game you guys way way less...rex...80% yeah right bro...remember estate? derail? RUNDOWN? i do agree the fog thing in this game is wierd. like if you looking one direction in seatown theres a think haze or something then you look the other way theres nothing...thats bull ****. patch plz. anyway, long inconhirent story short. most tdms turn into a bitter fight over one building. i can't help but think the maps and spwan logic are designed to make uss fight over the same ten feet the whole game. just look and the size of the maps...

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    ranksimet ;


    Some people don't speak fluent English like you do, instead of picking off grammar in a Call of Duty forum, reply something that's related to the OP. Thank you. Plus I'm pretty sure you missed a word in your reply there, perhaps you wanna edit it out?


    Anyway, I'll share my experience. I never play ground war because it seems the lag is horrible there, constant 2 bars for me but anyway: I did today. It was on Village, and my team had one flag. This was probably due to the fact the other team was camping (The whole team, I mean) B flag and I'm not sure which one is it (A or C inside the little village). You had two, maybe three guys covering one entrance inside the village, and a "quickscoper" with a MSR just taking a look at the huuuge line of sight of the second entrance, scoped in of course (not even sure why he was using quickdraw and not hardline or blast shield. We literally had no chance.


    After around three deaths, I tried to go get B twice. Another "quickscoper" was camping from afar and there was a guy with an ACR next to the barrells near B. It got really boring, I'm not a fan of running across the map twice, specificially Village. I thought, well it can't be that bad. I'll just stay with my L118A behind this car and play like they do, hardcore camping; after all, I usually NEVER get killed there (I run quickdraw, yes I quickscope when I'm not laggy, so 1/30 games). 


    Around 45 seconds had passed and no one had even popped his head out to check where we were. Everyone was very focused on their red dot and the blood flow on their index finger. I tried to get into the village area again but died because of a stun plus the "quickscoper". I have two rants here:


    1. If you think you are a quickscoper because you snipe with quickdraw, you're wrong. Its hard to understand why people think they are cool when Quickscoping, its fun to do.. yeah, it is. Do it properly though.


    2. What is up with this late abuse of Tactical Insertions? it seems pretty unfair in games of Domination in maps such as Bakaara, plus they tend to hide a claymore or betty near or below the tac insert. I mean, I often have no problem with it, because its two kills, but snipers that do it are kinda annoying. You finally get rid of him only to get killed right away by him and you're like dafuq, how did he do that. Killcam: ohh, that's how. This is just great.


    Anyway, rant out.

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    I don't camp I just find a corner set up my tent, start a fire and make smores.


    Who wants some?

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    People who say theres no wrong or right way to play I disagree. I mean yes or no to an extent but heres what happens


    The more campers the longer the match takes

    The more runners the quicker the game ends (usually).


    Also if a game consist of only one play style of the two. Only one of those play styles will finish. (Guess what....the camping style won't finish (Atleast in team deathmatch they wont))


    Now not everyone is camping when you come around a corner. But when a whole team just takes an area and guards each other with their ADS up and pointing just past a slim point of a corner waiting for someone to run by well that's just camping and noobish

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    campers are in every game find a team that runs and guns and work as a team like the game types are, u can overcome campers easily, its funny cause they rage a lot too, i run and gun and so do my clan we win most games we play against campers, if you cant deal with it go find a different game simple

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