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What happened to Stopping Power?

I was always a hc player. And in hc we all know stopping power (hereby referred as SP) was useless, unless you were desperate. But I got tired of the bs gameplay that hc had to offer. Anyway correct me if im wrong, but SP gave the core gametype a much needed unbalance. I will explain. Say you had a scar-h. Running around with stopping power you mowed through the competition. However you always showed up when those pesky uav's took flight. Now you could fix this by running cold blooded instead. But if you do so you wont be able to cut em' down like you were before. This goes with most of the 2nd perks. You sacrificed damage output to gain an advantage over those who were doing the damage. If you wanted to rack up the kills you ran SP but were at a disadvantage when the harrier showed up or uav's. Now people are free to run whatever they want to and still be able to drop their opponents. Core hasn't been the same without SP and im looking for a decent answer to why they would remove it. I can understand balance and all but it seems the weapons would be more balanced if they all didnt kill so easily, without SP of course.

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    Yeah, we need to take all the .2 sec TTK guns and make them even more powerful.


    Are you out of your ******* mind?

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      With everyone using stopping power, it became a perk you almost had to use to survive and or not be at a disadvantage in a gun fights


      As soon as one perk has this much power over your choice, consciously or subconsciously then it clearly needed something doing about it


      At the end of the day, stopping power doesnt make that much different, one, two, maybe three bullets

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        A valid point. Some of the best players I witnessed in the core gametype ran cold blooded with silencers. So in the end they had an advantage over the damage dealers because they could take out 2-3 people with a good flank, and not alert the surviors. It just seems to me that an unbalanced perk like sp added an interesting element to the gameplay.

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      You obviously can't comprehend my post. I didn't say buff the already powerful weapons to devastating levels. SP is a free perk now, meaning all the guns we use deal out the damage like the perk is equipped. IF sp was a perk, the guns would be weaker. Now I'm sure that getting on here and tossing out insults makes you feel good about yourself, but try harder next time. Maybe this time with the intellect an adult should have.