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Favorite weapon?

I'm curious what weapon people like the most.


Personally I love the AK-47. It is incredible close range and with a little practice and the kick option you can kick ass long range.

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    i like the ACR with red-dot and silencer, and do the best with it but i have a soft spot for the UMP45 with kick and silencer.  love that gun.  good power and i actually like the slower rate of fire.  makes it kind of a AR/SMG hybrid.  fun to play with.

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    I am one of those guys who likes to use a bit of all the weapons classes. My favesin MW3:


    Assault Rifles: ACR

    Subs: MP 7

    LMG's: MK46

    Shotty's: KSG-12

    Snipers: RSASS


    All-time faves:


    Assault: ACR

    Sub's: MP7


    Shotty's: M1014

    Snipers: Intervention

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    I've only used the AK-47 recently but I do like it, going to get that one with my next prestige token.

    The G36C is my favourite of all the guns, although towards the end of my last prestige and this one, I've started using the ACR..Never really liked it before but liking it now.

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    M4A1 is the bane of all guns if used properly

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    Favorite as in BEST:

    1: Type 95
    2: ACR
    3: G36C
    4: Mk14


    Favorite as in ... "Weapons I like (but don't necessarily use because they suck too much)"
    1: CM901 (Worst weapon in CoD history for it's class)

    2: Mk14 (I actually use it a lot)
    3: RSASS (LMG runspeed and up and right recoil makes me just stick to the Mk14 for semi)

    4: MP5

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    cod4 - g36c

    waw - stg-44

    mw2 - tar 21

    blops - ak-47

    mw3 - acr

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    Mine is


    CoD 4- AK-47. That gun was beast and you could get it golden. Also really liked the Deagle, best pistol so far in CoD


    WaW- Haven't played World at War much but I really like Springfield and Gewerh 43. That game was really good for sniping.


    MW2- Vector. That gun was like MP7 in MW3 but a bit higher recoil and rate of fire


    BO- AUG was awesome, very nice fire rate and damage and in my opinion the best looking AR in CoD.


    MW3- I really like a lot of guns like M1887, AA12, PP90M1, PM-9, MK46 and G36C but my favourite is P90.

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    -AK-47 with silencer and ext mags

    -M16A1 with red dot and rapid fire

    -MK14 with red dot and silencer

    -PM9 with rapid fire and range

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    So in 6 1/2 minutes nobody responded to your thread thats been made a thousand times here before,  so we're pathetic?  The irony

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    Man too many: CM901

                            G36C (also one of my faves in MW1)



    CoD4- MP5 / G36C / Barret

    WaW- STG44 I think it was called

    MW2- UMP

    BLOPS- Enfield / AUG / Commando and the Specter< one of my fave SMGs of all time.

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    ACR with the SCAR in close second. Some nights the ACR just doesn't seem to kill anybody for me. Other nights the SCAR won't. Some nights neither do and I end up beating my wife.

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    LMG definitely my favourite type. Right now I'm hooked on the MG36, although I also like the L86.


    Out of AR's, probably the FAD or AK-47, although the M4 and MK14 are fun too.


    SMG probably the MP7 but I don't use it anymore because it's a crutch weapon. PM-9 is fun and a nice challenge to use.


    For snipers I'm a bolt action guy, although I have gotten about 500 kills the the SVD and it's a nice challenge.


    Shotties I like the USAS and SPAS.


    Pistols either Deagle or Five Seven.


    Don't use machine pistols anymore.

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    Just started using the AK-47 with kick and silencer and it's amazing; before I was using it with the red dot sight but recoil was still too much. Now I'm kicking ass and taking down names

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      I can attest to that. I use the exact same setup for my AK47 class and it's amazing on Bakaara and other mid sized maps.


      My favorite gun is still the SCAR with Kick and Extended Mags. I have 10K plus kills with it and counting.