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Clan JFDHS is recruiting new modern warfare 3 players

Our clan JFDHS is recruiting new modern warfare 3 players.


Our suggestions are:


- Over 16 years older
- Member wants to be the best and is on teamspeak.

- Behave yourself.
- We like team deathmatch, s&d, kill confirmed, hc tdm, hc s&d, sabotage and we like team tactical.

- We need people who uses shotguns, snipers, light machine guns, sub machine guns and assault rifles.

- We need people who are very good in team playing and if you are good, you get promotion after a while.


Join at our Forum: www.clanjfdhs.com and Teamspeak 3: ts3.clanjfdhs.com


Add me on steam if you wanna join: Rinzy16


Ill hope you join, cause we need you. see you soon.




Division Leader Modern Warfare 3 ClanJFDHS.