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Free Roam / Combat / Repetition/ Side Missions / Swinging / Story / Animations

This game is going to have Free Roam - Well So did Spiderman 3 & Spiderman: Web of Shadows

What makes this game any different than them ?


Combat - All Spiderman games have had the basic hit hit hit combo as far as with combat. And it can get very repetitious at times. SpiderMan 2 did the best at combat in my opinion. You had many options and the upgrades made sense. It made me want to try to them out. How is combat going to be any different/ improved unlike any other Spiderman game ?


Repetition - Spiderman games I have played have been painfully repetitive. How are they going to break that cycle and switch it up a bit ? This is a big one.


Side Missions - The Side Missions are one of the most important elements. They make you feel like Spiderman. They should be continued even when the game is finished just like in Spiderman 2. I loved how in Spiderman 2, multiple things happened at once. Made you decide which one was more important... and really made you feel like a hero. I loved that. What direction is this game going to take with that ?


Swinging- They key element to feeling like Spiderman. I sure do hope this system is perfected. They have had enough time to look at the mistakes that have been made in the past games and take heed. I hope this game does not let me down in this department.


Story - One of the most important elements in my opinion. This is why I play the game again. Stay true to the comics when leaving some room for innovation. Voice overs for characters should be well done, and I should care about the characters. The characters should have depth...and the story should make sense. A thing Batman games have done so well. I hope they don't mess this up. Aint nothin like playin a game with a horrible story. Why even play it at all ?


It's 2012 - Make Spiderman look fabulous. Out of all the fantastic games out here like the God Of War series and Batman...this leaves no room for disappointment in this area. Make it happen


I will be proud to be able to have at least one decent Spiderman game to my collection...seeing as though he is my favorite superhero. I hope Beenox does him justice. If not, I will be very disappointed. This game already has people skeptical since its a "movie" game. I hope they don't fall into that diitch other movie games have done in the past.


Thoughts anyone ?

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    I agree on many points. I felt that the new (Beenox) versions were very good on themselves (EoT a bit short, due to the chaotic speed), but nowhere like Spider-Man 2 (which can not be played on the PS3, painfully, though I have all of them on PS1, PSP, PS2, PS3 AND PC, heck even Sega).


    For the story part, I don't give much. They either stick with the movie script and the game becomes linear. Or they move away and there is difficulty of maintaining connection with the movie, yet diverting AND keeping level in Characters. In fastpacing games, I HATE non-skipable cutscenes (which are meant to give 'characters' depth, read a book for that).


    It should have Humor though, but not like Friend or Foe, which was too cartoonish (Worse than McFarlane drawing and worst controls ever too).


    One of the things about Webslinging: If buildings are required, make sure that if Spidey is above any surrounding building, he shoots webs DOWN. It is rediculous that Spidey can only websling when below skyline (shooting UP). He can do websling, webzips and more, but can't shoot at a lower building to get momentum? If you get that one, you will get a perfect webslinging game.

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      Ok, there are a whole bunch of real good ideas so far and I agree on Maddehaans web swinging theory.

      Seriously? I think he made a good point on shooting down the web to get more momentum and maybe use it as acceleration to perform loopings and boost yourself in high speed through the city. Might be a good idea for the webrush feature to go a little bit further. Depeding on height and distance to a building or pole, you´d be able to either swing really, really close to the ground or perform a looping to catapult yourself over the roofs.

      Web of Shadows had a good interaction with Spidermans webbing abilitys. On the ground, dual web yourself into air. Running down a building and it gets close, use the web! Haning on the web, make someting spiderman would do.


      Something I personaly liked was the dual swing, yoyo swing and the slingshot. Just make sure he doesn´t fly so "believable" like he did in SM3. I know it sounds cheesy but take a look at "the new animated series".

      I really enjoyed watching him swing..




      Another thing I´ve noticed is that the wallcrawling didn´t really change at all.. Ok, Web of Shadows had some good ideas but a windmill on the wall??? or sliding up a building on his knees for hundrets of feet? Imaging Spidermans face.. Oo


      It should be a little bit more more fun or maybe navigational options. Don´t get me wrong but I loved the crawling boost button. Why? Because it made this boring crawling end faster. If you want to add a boost button, then make it a real boost button. I remember crawling from Sm1 The Movie, were he was hunting the murder of his uncle. He got mad and crawled up that building in no time. Using poles, window sills to boost him self up, a few spins and here we go into web swinging.

      On the other side, it should be a feature that requires time to build back up. Like, sprinting in a shooter game. You can´t do this forever.


      The only good thing I liked in WOS was, hold down the X button on a wall and he will stick to it in a cool way. Unfortunately there were no other options.

      Another thing I liked were his ability to stick onto poles and the double jump into acrobatics while running.




      Beenox told us a lot about civilian reactions.

      My question is. Can you really interact with them when they ask for a picture or trying to sell you an insurrance? What can we do? We all know, that Spiderman has a hard time with the civilians over the years. What is the players option? I remember Infamous, where you were able to perform moves in front of a photographers lens. that was cool as h*ll.


      New York


      Free Roam? Adjustable Night or Day feature? That´s what im talking about. It even makes me forget about the fact, that it´s only manhatten.


      Side Missions


      Story ok but like numerous other fans I agree on side missions, randomly generated with villians.

      Maybe unexpected ones. Vulture tries to break into oscorp, Cassady tries to break out during a convoy.

      Web Eddy Brock onto a lamp pole because he was taking pictures of spiderman. Or something like in Sm2 where doc oc started randomly grab people and tossed them out of the train and you would have to save them-

      Helicopter chases with hostages and so on and on.


      Photography Missions


      a timer! Set the cam, get into action and earn a lot of money!

      Buy upgrades instead only searching for them!

      Funny idea would be: To increase your paycheck, get beat up for JJ Entertainment.

      Imagin the Headline "Villian got away, our heros allmost made it!"


      And last but not least...



      Spiderman is a fun character no matter what happens, I wish we can hear toooooooooons of intelligent humor.

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        I don't mind a little reveling in our own hopes and wishes for this game. I've bought the last three spiderman games and woefully returned each of them with my head mired in disappointment. Dammit I just want to know what it's like to be spiderman, not some kitschy button mashing orgy of crap.


        But, lads, the fact remains: The game is already made.


        It releases in two months. They've been in production for TWO years. Any features introduced into the game are now final.


        From what I've seen though, I'm can honestly express a heartfelt optimism. The developers took a step in the right direction this time. By having the story take place after the events of the movie beenox is no longer struggling to contrive a tale meant to be told through the silver screen into a video game. This alternative is so simple it's genius. All previous movie/game incarnations felt like the plot of the movie actually interfered with the game, as opposed to strengthening it. It took whatever value the story from the movie had and cheapened it, (not that the movies' plots were terribly strong, but all the same...)


        My only reservations of course are that beenox's previous attempts at telling a convincing, well executed story haven't been executed so brilliantly. The focus has always been on gameplay, above all else.


        Speaking of, the gameplay I'm rather excited about. It's obvious that beenox took a page out of arkham asylum's playbook, and mixed in a good helping of Spiderman 2 (the undisputed masterpiece). A very good decision in my opinion.


        Now all there is to do is....



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    I agree as well, I hope the combat will have a flow to it so that it feels right and like something Spider-Man would pull off. The combat in Spider-Man 2 was incredible, the combat in Web of Shadows was cool, but not very well done. I loved the combat in Spider-Man; Edge of Time, mostly Amazing Spider-Man's. I'm also looking forward to the Stealth Takedowns.



    Also, another thing I'm looking forward to is the Web Swinging. I loved it in Spider-Man 2 and EoT, I hope it too will have flow, grace, speed, and acrobatic abilities to show off.



    The main thing I'm looking for is Web Rush. It sounds amazing, and intresting. It is most likley to be the key thing in that game.


    I have very high hopes for this game, I can't wait to get it.