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Reply Game

Lets kick this oldschool shall we?

Now lets live up H.H.Q Academy Campus with some fun games to play WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Lets all start some cool forum games again to spice things up shall we?

This is Reply Game where You have the freedom to finish or relate your post to the user above you and then start a whole brand new topic for the user below you and nobody else but that user.


User1: The

User2: Dog ran


User1: Pi..



User1: Hi my name is VivaLaNES and I would like to.....

User2: ..........Jump off the Empire State Building and land on a Health Inspecter because He labeled our waffles unsanitary and defective.

Get it? ok ill start

What comes up...

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    must in relativity to the earth's gravitational pull, and by all rights of mother nature, be forced back onto the earth's crust in a way uncontrollable by the item that went up unless affected by some outside force to propell it forward.                                               I am a ninja and...

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    I completed the Ninja Warrior course in Japan.

    I work at...

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      ...a local coffee shop. You'd be suprised how necessary stealth training is in the face of angry, decaffinated customers waiting for their morning buzz, especially since my Ninja Warrior Course did not have any electives in Latte Mastery.


      For fun, I really like to...