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Type 95 vs ACR 6.8

So which is better for the assault rifles for this class:


Primary:  Type/ ACR w/ RDS focus

Secondary:  Stinger

Lethal:  C4/ Semtex

Tactical:  Whatever

Blind eye

Hardline/ Assasin


Strike Package:  Whatever I feel like

Death streak:  Hollow Points/ Juiced


I equally well with both rifles.  So which one?

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    ACR is better,end of story, end of thread.

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      Slow down kimasabe. Can't say that. Type 95 is an OP beast. Unfortunately, it sort of sucks balls with a silencr, especially at any distance, and eats ammo like a minigun. I think that specific build, the ACR 6.8 takes the win. Now, you could run this if you wanted to use Type 95.


      Primary: Type 95 w/RDS
      Secondary: Stinger
      Lethal: Frag Grenade
      Tactical: Concussion



      That might work better for yah.

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    I say you should use type 95 with a sight(since its garbage with the silencer and rapid fire doesn't really work). Also, use dead man's hand and be sure to break out those akimbo Fmg9s when the going gets though

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    With a silencer go ACR.   Type 95 is overpowered otherwise though. They need to nerf that gun.  It's not as noticeable because it's not overused like other guns but it definitely needs a nerf.

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    ACR, barely has any recoil and is easier to use.


    Type 95, no matter what, it is still burst weapon and just like M16 it requires more skill than the automatic ARs.


    However since it is like two bullet kill in close it is highly OP, M16 has been something that I've been using a lot lately, now that weapon is one burst kill in every range, I belive that it can be 1 burst if you get perfect shot, however since M16 has recoil that makes the gun rise up, you'll never get those 100% perfect shots in long distances where the enemies are like ants on your screen. Another thing I've noticed is that sometimes one of the 3 bullets doesn't give hitmarker even in close ranges which kinda sucks...


    If you ever meet a guy who is actually good with the Type 95, your ACR is a pea shooter =/

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    Always ALWAYS use a silencer if you want to do well..


    Type 95

    red dot and silencer

    mp9 silenced

    Sleight of hand pro

    assasin pro

    Stalker/marksman pro

    C4/ claymore

    P Radar




    Silencer with extended mags

    Mp9 silenced

    Scavenger pro

    Assasin pro

    Marksman/stalker pro


    P radar

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      He said he wanted to use a Stinger and Blind Eye dude... so you can infere he's going for Blind Eye Pro.


      Geez people don't know how to read... this is the second post I read about someone suggesting the weapon and perk set ups the Original Poster is not looking for.


      He's not compairing Type 95 vs ACR overall... he's just askign what would work best with a Stinger and Blind Eye.


      And as I can see... you are a complete noob because your set ups require 2-attachment proficiency (for noobs and scrubs) and you need Extended Mags on an ACR that has Scavenger Pro on it's set up.


      If you have Ext. Mags it's because you waste to many bullets... so you either use Scav Pro or Ext. Mags... Ext Mags with Sleight of Hand is quicker... But Scav Pro + Ext. Mags has a higher yield in ammo count.


      Both set ups are for terrible players anyway xD

      Not to mention your secondary is an MP9 which is also for scrubs... my guess is you try to get kills with your primary but if you run into a jam you just switch back to your trusty MP9 because you can't play like a man and use Pistols ¬¬

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        Can you please tell me where does it say that he wanted to use blind eye and stinger???

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          "So which is better for the assault rifles for this class:"


          FOR THIS CLASS


          and then he describes the class as follows.


          Secondary:  Stinger

          Lethal:  C4/ Semtex

          Tactical:  Whatever

          Blind eye

          Hardline/ Assasin


          Strike Package:  Whatever I feel like


          As you can see he left out some options like the choice between Hardline and Assassin or the Strike Package... but he clearly leaves no room for error when he wrote.

          Secondary: Stinger

          Blind eye


          So of course... he wants THAT class, he is just debating over which PRIMARY ASSAULT RIFLE to use.

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    ive seen guys run the 95 like a shotty.


    ive seen guys run the acr like an smg.


    its all on you and what you are comfy with.


    i prefer the ACR just cuz of the looks.


    the 95 has a freaky looking set up and it makes me feel slower and kinda clunky when i use it.

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    A guy who knows what he's doing with type 95 is deadly. So its type95, my opinion and

    N1ckx2 wrote:


    Death streak: DEAD MANS HAND


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    Going for 2 Attachment Proficiency is not smart EVER.... it's worse when you realize that you are using really accurate low-recoil weapons which so why get both Silencer and Red Dot? Choose one and kill everyone...


    If you are just thinking about taking down Choppers I'd say ACR + Silencer with Focus Proficiency (reduce effects of being hit while aiming).


    If you actually wanna put out some damge, you are already a pretty slow player carrying that Stinger around and you won't be able to run-n-gun easily, plus you are low on ammo, so your primary better make every bullet count.


    I'd honestly go for a Type 95 because 90 bullets with that weapon CAN get you over 10 kills if you know how to place your shots and if you learn how to pop in and out of ADS when someone is close to you, you really shouldn't have a huge issue with short-range engagements.


    Lethal: Semtex

    Tactical: Either go for Stun Grenades (to help you save some bullets) or Portable Radar.


    Strikepackage Assault: 7-9-12


    Type 95 Red Dot Sight + Focus Proficiency (again... in case you get shot... you don't want to lose because your aim gets all messed up).


    Believe me Focus Proficiency on weapons that have very little recoil is way more important than having 2 attachments.

    In a gun fight.. they will save you more than once… because it is quite usual to have players trade shots and one of them loses because they cant compensate for flinching  (which is really hard to do). Needless to say the radar print on a Type 95 is really small as is with all Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles because it's a quick snapshot on the radar and then nothing... while Automatics stay on the radar far longer.


    It really comes down to what you like...


    I'd suggest Type95 mainly because every bullet counts and you can pretty much wreck anyone that engages you head on.

    People consider Type95 to be a noob friendly gun, but it's just a regular Three-Round Burst weapon with heavy punch. I've used 3-Round Burst weapons since CoD4 with amazing success and will always use them because they help you learn how to pick your shots instead of fire around like crazy and not control your trigger finger.

    M16 on CoD4 was awesome, M16+Acog on Black Ops was beast, G11 with iron sights was really good on Black Ops and now Type95 is so awesome with Red Dot.

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      I think I should tell you guys how I play.  I mainly pre-ADS while going around corners, and run the NOM4D TACTICAL button layout.  I play the objective, and reload ONLY when I am safe/ in cover.  I like to shoot down enemy air support when it is up (that's why I run blind eye) and I try to line up my shot before shooting, unless it's cqc.  I also can use any iron sights except for the g36c, and LMG irons, but I use RDS because I like it better.

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        pre-ADS is not bad but it's kinda better to pop into ADS whenever you need it, though when you move around corners its smart to pre-ADS.


        Red Dot sight on a Type95 is more important than a Silencer... 3-round burst and Single Shot rifles have little to NO radar signature.


        You don't need to reload the Type95 as a well placed body shot will kill 100% of the time... so even if you have half a clip left on you can use it to kill 5 people without reloading.

        Type95 doesn't require reloads, so even if you don't have Sleight of Hand it will work just fine.


        Don't use 2-attachments proficiency... its a huge crutch on noob players and they never get rid of it because they depend heavily on Rapid Fire or a Sight...


        Generally it's much better to get used to Iron sights, but in the Type95 case the Iron sights are quite bad so you are much better off using Red Dot Sight, like I said even if you shoot enemy players won't get a proper read on the map because the radar signal is really small.

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          So 3 round bursts have NO radar signature?  Thats cool.  Is it a bug or intended?  Also, I can live with the irons on the type so that's a free attachment slot for me.  This might tip the scales in the type's favour.

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            Little to NO... if you keep spraying it like crazy of course it's gonna have a considerable radar signature... but if you take 1-2 shots... the radar signature is small compared to that of a fully automatic rifle which stays on the radar for some time.


            Single Shot and Three Round Bursts only blip on the radar everytime you fire... so if you fire one burst your radar signature is a blip, while an ACR will fire and the radar signature will light up for a slightly longer period of time.


            See what I mean?

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              Oh.  So if you fire 3 bullets with the acr, the dot will linger but when you fire 3 bullets (1 burst) the dot will vanish quicker.

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                Sort of... yeah..


                The effect difference might not be huge... but the ACR takes slightly longer to push out those 3 bullets in comparison to the Type95, not to mention the Type95 has a really small cooldown between shots... so if you pop 2 shots your red dot on the map will blink twice... instead of keeping a constant signature by shooting 6 shots with your ACR. The more shots you take to kill someone the bigger the difference will be... 3 shots = 3 blinks... 9 shots = steady dot on the map.


                It's a small difference, but I find it to be noteworthy when it comes to choosing between Fully Auto ARs or Semi-Automatic ARs.


                I feel it helps, but it's just a tiny bit really... it won't turn you into a complete beast in CoD though... that's why I personally don't use Silencers on Semi-Automatics even though Silencer is by FAR my fave attachment.

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    I would choose ACR