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Call of Duty: Eclipse Speculation

Alright, so we've been getting leaks for Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and also for CoD Eclipse. Everyone is assuming thats just a code name for it, but Ironwolf was the proposed code name for BO2. Also, why would they be referring to the same game by 2 names when they are about to start marketing? It doesn't make sense, especially with Treyarch's exquisite marketing. This would confuse customers (if you remember MW2 not having Call of Duty in front of it a lot of people were confused at first so they readded the CoD). So what is Eclipse?


Well on the second Tuesday of November (the general CoD game release day) is an actual Eclipse. So we can guess that that would be the release date. Next, we can assume its probably something to do with Zombies. Naming an actual military based CoD game something like Eclipse doesn't really sound right. Also, in Black Ops 1, the last zombie map released was (my favorite btw.) Moon. So this makes sense with the Eclipse title and release date.


So, something Zombie related must be releasing on the same day as Black Ops 2 (which is almost certainly coming out in November). But what is it? Here's my thoughts:


1.) A Zombie spin-off game. There's no denying that Zombies is the biggest thing 3arc is known for. It is one of the most complicated (puzzles), yet most simple (general gameplay) of all games. As the maps have been released it seems that each time they try to add more and more story into Zombies. A Zombie game released along side an actual game would allow the hardcore Zombie fans, who arent as into the MP or Campaign have their CoD fix without wasting money on 1/3 of a game. Maybe BO2 will have a map or 2 of basic Zombies but Eclipse would provide a whole story, numerous maps, and a wide selection of weapons since the group will be time travelling again (based on speculation that BO2 will be in 2030ishs because of the Quadrotor).


2.) A Zombie movie. Whats better than owning a video game series that is the greatest selling entertainment franchise of all time? How about doubling revenue and reaching out to non-gamers by releasing a movie of the most intriguing, suspenseful, and imaginative part of Call of Duty, Zombies. It seems by the live-action advertisements for MW3, Operation Kingfish, and the video content on Elite that a live action version of CoD is actually really cool, not cheesy or awkward or unappealing. This would help 3arc since they won't have to develop 2 games, it would help Activision by grabbing an audience that isnt reached by video games, and it would certainly give most CoD fans a decent sized boner.


Of course, these are only my opinions and speculations, if you have any ideas or thoughts about Call of Duty: Eclipse then please reply. Thanks for reading