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    Sorry to say wwilliams but I will have to disagree with that idea.

    The list that you explained seems extremely similar to the new leaked information that was given from Charlie Intel and just have to say that the list there is just a troll idea.


    Don't think I haven't seem any perks online. I've seen, observed, thought up, and analyzed perk systems and ideas from forums, blogs, and youtube videos. I've probably seen like over 50 Youtube videos about people's ideas, I have to say, most of them are well-thought, but they still make it broken, because they didn't seriously think it through on practice.


    Another thing...being able to Feint your death, but can't shoot while in prone...don't you think that drop-shotting would be negated? Able to capture objectives faster...Treyarch already said that they have tried and failed, and decided that it was confusing when multiple players were on 1 objective. So they gave that idea up. If you really want to safely or quickly capture an objective, then find a good team!


    In my opinion, the new perk system that was leaked is nothing but BS. All of it's effects are differnt, BUT all of them are broken or just plain stupid. Whoever created that perk list doesn't even know what they're doing. I like thier System type, allowing you to earn an extra ability if a certain perk is active, but the rest, can just be thrown away.

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    re black ops2 perk system


    I thouht of one more which i dont think would be highly used but very handy dont know what you could call it either but it would disable the killcam ideal for snipers so you dont give away your position love the list by the way.

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    I actually thought of that one, however, there is a reason why I didn't implement that effect in.

    The reason why is "Hardcore". In Hardcore, there is no Killcam, so the perk would become useless, thus not really needing it in the game.

    Besides, not everyone uses their Killcam. Most players usually skips it to get right into the fight, so that's also another reason why we don't need it.


    My quote: "If you're going to create a perk system, then you must always think about all gamemodes, not just Core, because everyone seems to forget about that."

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    Your Perk System is getting so SOLID!



    I would still change ninja pro + though, how does no death icon from enemies benefit the player? i can honestly say that i NEVER pay attention to the death icon and i seriously doubt that anyone else does. On top of that, just because his death icon is showing in some area it wont guaruntee that i will know where the enemy is or what direction they shot/ killed my teammate from.


    Faking death would not negate drop shotting, You would simply go prone then either press a combination of buttons together and hold them, or maybe even just hold down L3? If faking death is not something you would like i would strongly suggest that you change the Pro + version to allow the player to silence friendly footsteps from the team... its A PAIN IN THE ASS to convince an entire team to use Ninja/ Dead Silence. If you use a headset, this perk is easlily one of the most powerful, as it allows you to hear almost exactly where people are, but when most of your team ISNT using it, then their footsteps can seriously throw you off. Veteran Ninja/ Dead silence users know exactly what im talking about.


    I would also change Prowler Pro + and just make dropshots faster. But If you can shoot and move while Prone at 100% movement, than I can see this Pro perk being very NASTY on the battlefield. Other than that this perk system is ******* amazing, the BEST on the internet, and im going to go so far as to delcare these Official. Treyarch needs to pull their heads out of their asses and pay attention to your list bro. Its very solid.


    I also had a question about Scout Pro +, does this mean you will be able to see EVERYTHING on your minimap? Dogs, UAVs CUAVs AUAVs rc helicopters, etc? Will UAVS and such show up glowing red in the sky just like if you were to use Sabeteur?? If this is true than awesome sauce.


    I totally agree with you about the capturing objectives thing, because the developers did mention that. HIT ME BACK! What are your killstreak ideas??

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    - The ability to "fake death" is just a disgrace of an ability. Here's a video you can watch, instead of me explaining, because this video does just about everything I want to say about the new perks.

    Youtube - The New Perks?


    - I do agree that Ninja Pro+ needs to be changed, because I actually just found out that in Hardcore modes, you don't have a death icon in the first place, so it renders this ability useless. However, you shouldn't make abilities that allows you to hear others easier by removing friendly sounds when the perk you are trying to help is an ability for silencing yourself, not sounds. Keep thinking...


    - You say that moving at 100% of the prone's normal speed and being able to fight back is OP, but you say that dropshotting isn't...there is something wrong with this theory, you do know that right?


    - Scout Pro+ will only mark the locations of units (e.g. dogs), airstrikes, and artillery. This will not help you find UAVs, and it won't find choppers because you can already see them without this perk.


    - I'll do killstreaks a little later...

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    Perk System has been updated. Check it out!

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    Why there are always only 3 tiers of perks???

    and. this is not ideal

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    Teh reason why there are 3 perks is because that's how Call of Duty does it.

    The only reason why WaW had 4 Tiers was because they added battlefield vehicles on the map.


    What do you mean by it's not Ideal?

    I created and organized the system myself (with community help)...I just used the Perk System 2.0 information from the 1st multiplayer leak (don't care if it's true or not)

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    Well, take the point of view from actually playing in the game. Imagine a player who equips Scavenger, Exceed, And Respirator all at Pro 2 level, then you have a player who's gonna just camp in a room laying claymores down and replenishing them with every idiot who tries to revenge kill 'em. Remember MW2 and its annoyances like this.


    Also, a annoying player equipping Scavenger and Warlord Pro 2 versions can just noob tube the hell out everyone he encounters, again, just like in MW2.


    Lightweight, Sleight Of Hand, With Marathon is over powering. Anyone who equips this would have no weakness in a one on one confrontation. Don't know, but maybe it should be tweak a little more, however, it needs balancing still. What do you think?

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    I don't really think it needs tinkering (maybe Scavenger), because players using Scavenger have a chance to replenish what they want, and it won't be annoying like in MW2. The reasons are, because this perk system has too many protections against equipment, so even if you camp, people would know where you are (except MW2, where you were able to combine Scavenger and Cold-Blooded and resupply everytime and the only counter was SitRep). Besides, they can ONLY earn the equipment IF and ONLY IF the fallen enemy had an equipment still in their inventory, but when do you see that? Rarely, because everyone uses their equipment. Same with grenades. To help prevent constant nade spams, you can only resupply them depending if the fallen enemy had Lethals or Tacticals left in their inventory. This also applies to the noobtubes, where the fallen enemy has to have any underslung attachment equipped when they died to replenish them.


    Lightweight, Sleight of Hand, and Marathon combo isn't OP at all. If you think of Black Ops, you had that combo and it wasn't bad at all. Remember, don't look at the perks as if you will earn both pro versions, because you cannot. You can only choose 1 of these Pro abilties, so it's practically still having 1 base ability and 1 pro ability, except you have a choice for your pro.