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Firing Cap on Semi-auto Snipers

So as some of you guys know, I've been dedicating this entire prestige to going Desert Eagle only. One of the downsides to doing this is that the things that are BS in the game seem to show up a larger percentage of the time than when I run with a regular weapon.


One of the weaposn combinations that shows up repeatedly is the akimbo FMG9 use, which is a topic that I will not discuss here. The other is trigger spamming on semi-auto snipers. It is incredible how a weapon with a high possibility for a OHK can have such a high shooting rate potential.


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    Not to mention staying on target it seems.


    Like the MK14, there should be either some kind of firing cap on semi-auto, single shot weapons OR if you spam the trigger, then accuracy should be WAY off with each subsequent shot after the first one.

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    It's just ridiculous isn't it... Just shows how much thought really goes into this game, (that being said when you can, give a go to the single five 7 with ext. mags). The sadest part of all - the .50 cal now makes a better shot gun than the model.


    I commend your choice of handgun tho, until the last month the deagle was my least used hand gun but on my for fun account i've really taken a shining to it on certain classes. The akimbo deagle with my riotshield throwing knife class is just outstanding and the ammount of rage it builds up in people is almost second to none.


    When you can I'd give the rest of the pistols a good run, I can say that they're all pretty fantastic aside from the p99 and USP 45. I love the rest of them!