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Which COD was your favorite?

My favorite one was COD 5 becasue it was my first COD but im really not enkoying the current COD


This is what i enjoy best on COD MW3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oB2UzdM4ys


Whats your favorite thing to do on COD ?

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    Black Ops is my sentimental favourite.

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    I would say I had the best time in World at War but my absolute favourite would have to be MW1 just because thats when it all started for me and was an awesome game in its time, still have a go on it every now and then for the memories lol.

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    cod 4 campaign blacks ops multiplayer mw2 -mw3 a distant 2nd

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    I've only played MW2/3 and Black ops the latter being my favourite.

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    Knew how to present a challenge. With out a doubt the hardest campaign to beat on Vet in the franchise.


    Getting your tank across the map on veteran was damn near impossible. Shooting down the 45 Zero's  was one of the(if not the) hardest achievement I've gotten. I'd get so frustrated I'd give up on it for months at a time. I didn't end up getting it till the end of MW2's life cycle.


    Ohh yea...and the 32 days played on MP..that was a lot of fun too. :]]


    Satchel Charge>

    Stg- Aperture>

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    CoD 4. Had the least BS out of every other CoD game.

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    For me it has to be WaW. I have always been into WWII games, having started out on Return to Castle Wolfenstein and having played CoD 1,2, and 3. I was more into WWII than modern weapons, so I didn't buy COD4 at first, as it still cost as much used as it did new. Loved the campaign on WaW, which was a tremendous challenge. The way it switched between theaters was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the MP as well, and met a lot of excellent people and players that I still play with to this day. The Maps were large enough to allow for strategy yet small enough to keep the action going. The weapons were fun, but once everyone started using the MP40 began to display the lack of balance. I think I'm mostly nostalgic of it because of the group of friends I made playing it, and remembered being able to enjoy it and not take it too seriously.


    I got COD4 months later when I began to get a little bored of WaW, and it took a while for me to warm up to it. Once I got used to the maps, I really started to enjoy it and see why it was so loved. I began to see a lot of the shenanigans that would become prevalent in later versions, and I think by the time I got into it the hackers and cheaters had already infiltrated, which tempered my feelings for it. Still the greatest Campaign storyline I've ever played, with some serious "Oh, S^$%!" moments.


    By MW2 I was in the " I must have this game now" crowd, and bought it shortly after it came out. After a month, I was fed up with the hacked mess it had become. It had so many problems after release that I just stopped playing it altogether for several months. When I finally came back to it, I started playing Hardcore, reconnected with some old online friends, and began to enjoy it and improve. Loved the Campaign, MW games have the most intense storylines by far.


    Black Ops, for me, is a very close second to WaW. Treyarch took all of the nonsense I hated about MW2 and helped eliminate so much of it. The maps were interactive, innovative, and infinitely replayable. I remember not dying once from a Noob Tube in the first 2 or 3 months of the game (Thats definitely changed now, unfortunately). I loved the map layout as while it did not stop camping, it made it more difficult for campers. On MW2, campers could easily hold one side of a map, but BlOps offered multiple points of entry and attack which allowed for closer , more exciting matches. Wasn't crazy about COD Points, I like earning my attachments and not just having them readily available, and loved the Emblem creation tool in spite of the multitude of "pee pees" and other childish, disgusting creations. Saw some true creativity, and every gun felt unique. The DLC maps were diverse and fun, and going back to this game I still marvel at the absolute beauty and amount of detail they put into the maps. I felt it was a step in the right direction for the series, and while not perfect I think it was the most fun, quality time I've had playing CoD. I wasn't green like I had been in WaW and enjoyed more success, and it was the first game I attained the highest prestige. Loved Combat Training and the barebones modes, and the Hardcore gameplay was right where it needed to be.


    As for MW3, while it has some advancements I personally think are a step in the right direction (hearing the enemy after killing them, strike packages unique to each class, the support and Specialist kill streaks, and the advent of community playlists), will not have a special place in my memory. Its stale, there are no maps that come up that I am just crazy about, and its a step back for the series overall. Even with all the nonsense, MW2 was just more fun to play.


    So for me, WaW and Black Ops are the ones I have the best memories of, and that I get nostalgic for. WaW edges out BlOps because it was my entry point. I didn't know, or care, about K/D at that time, and just plain enjoyed playing it more because of that. I lately have tried to recapture that, and just play MW3 without worrying about anything but having FUN. Man, its so not easy on this game!

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    Black Ops was and is hands down my favorite.  WaW is second and then I could take or leave Mw2 n 3.  Didn't play MW, only watched my bro play.  It looked a whole lot more like WaW and Black ops than it did MW2 n 3. 

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    MW2 until the tubes, favorite still. Singleplayer was amazing too, and the soundtrack is the best.

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    For me I'd say Black Ops. I just have the most fun, which is the most important part I'd say. Man I love me an MP5K with rapidfire.

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    For me I think the most fun I've had with a Cod was with Big Red One when it comes the the single player perspective.

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    I whacked in CoD4 last week and couldn't tell you how much fun it was. AND even though most of the lobby was american players, and I'm from the UK - AND I was host, I was running positive most games... CoD5 was seriously underated. I love World at War, but it's hacked to buggery now with morons who think that not being able to die in a game is fun.. (?)


    I do actually think MW3 is the worst CoD released since CoD4. There are things I really like in MW3 - Specialist strike package for example.. But there are way too many negatives that outweigh the positives so yeah, hopefully the new CoD in November will do the franchise justice. If it's being made by Treyarch, I reckon it will be great.