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Rage Quitters should be penalized


This game has so many rage quitters. Everytime some little baby gets killed 3 times in a row they quit the game. There have been so many games where i feel like there have been 30 different people on the enemy team by the end. Why is there no penalty for quitting games besides losing a stupid match bonus? who the hell cares about a match bonus? Obviously nobody because they all quit anyway. If you people wanted to do something right for once (instead of debuffing the mp7 or putting aim assist on grenades) you could make a penalty like not allowing people to join a game for 30 minutes after they quit or dashboard. This is getting so ridiculous already. FIX AN ACTUAL PROBLEM FOR ONCE PLEASE

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    Rage quiters aren't the major problem - its the things that cause them to leave.

    The main cause is the poor team balance and shitty match making. Imagine this:


    You're getting lag comp to a point where you just insantly die, your team mates are complete retards and the score is 7000-100, please explain to me why I would even waste my time with that garbage. Im going to leave every bloody game that is complete ****, you think its a problem because people leave the game, you don't know how bad it is with the shitty randoms.

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    Why we leave the games, lag compensation to where it's not even playable (instant death, shooting whole magazine into a enemy and die instantly). That's why we leave, if they had better matchmaking then we wouldn't have to deal with this.

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    What difference does it make to you how many different people you play against during a match, a kill is a kill, a win is a win !!


    The only possible issue it can cause is if the quitter is host and then it's only a minor inconvenience having to wait for the migration.


    I often have to quit out of multiple games due to family responsibilities, tell me why I should be punished for that ?  Just because some people live alone in their Mom's basement and can play for hours on end does not mean they should have an advantage !


    Stop crying about irrelevant issues and look at the wider problem.





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    I hate it when hosts quit rest doesnt bother me.


    I just wish the devs would reward the host and encourage them to stay rather then penalize them with lag and force them to quit.

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    it doesnt matter if there is a penalty or not. people will STILL quit regardless.

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      Giving the host a reward would actually  make fewer people quit, give them constant double exp for the match and go back to the proper host advantage (hes hosting your bloddy game just leave it alone) and you'll see less "Host" rage quits, I saw a migration every 20 - 30 games in BO in MW3 its more like 5-6, I wonder why that is..

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        i think you are underestimating the community.


        take a look at halo. there is a penalty system in that game for quitting (mainly because there is no join in progress feature) but people still quit out of those matches anyway.


        im not saying that it would make fewer people quit. im saying that it wont make that big of a change to even be worth noticing.

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    People leave every time I get a MOAB. Why won't people just stay in and get their "toxic" title?

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    We already are penalised thank you, by being given host. I will dashboard as many games as I like when I pull host, and I rarely stay in a game that I'm hosting. I give it a bit of time, but it's amazing how I'll go from finishing top 3, regularly in FFA's for example, to finish bottom, so my lesson learned is, when i'm host, i'll dashboard once I hit 4 deaths in a row. If another guy is 23-0 and misses his MOAB, tough.


    I flatly refuse to be penalised for having the best connection in the lobby, and refuse to be killed numerous times round corners because i'm running a second behind everybody else, and even when I do spot someone, to get 8-0 hitmarkers on someone, only for them to turn round and kill me. No thanks, you guys will have to put up with it.. Tough.

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    Wow! You are a complete douche!

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      and for the record, when I know i'm not hosting a game and I do bad, I don't dashboard, I take whatever comes my way, so if I get 0 and 13, i'll take it because what I see on screen is whats happening. When i'm a second or 2 behind everyone because my modem is not only processing my gameplay, but everyone elses, then I will dashboard 95% of the time. If I suffer, everyone else will too. I think thats perfectly fair.

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    I agree. It's sad that some people only play this game, to get good scores gameplay (xJawz & Co.), and every time they get owned, they just ragequit. I don't understand, why people even play the game when they quit constantly.

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    could not agree more  with wonky . why should anyone suffer because they are host. give us a choice do we want to be considered  for host., dashboarding i dont like but if they keep on making me host i will do that, and if they want to punnish me for that then give me a choice.



    because all that will happen is if you punnish people even more for being host and then quitting they will find another way to get back at the system. eg lag switch.    throttle down there internet.

    put it back to mw2 not lag ops. but if everyone got together and dashboarded everytime they are on the bad side of lag comp when they are host then more and more people will stop playing. and in the end move onto other games, only when it hurts there pocket will they do something about the host bull crap. the next update i dont think will do anything if they are just going back to lag ops style.


    i think most people come here because they love cod, but after lag ops and now this, thats a long time to keep getting the code wrong for hit detections lag comp lib bastards, lol.and just connection issues in general.  .and with every game it gets worse. with more people playing it should be better. that means more people living near you playing.

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    If I do bad im going to leave, and some stupid penelty woudlnt stop me. This game has many reasons why you might leave. Lag comp, shitty connection, leave to play with friends, had a bad game. This game is meant to be played for fun, forcing someone to stay in a game is ridiculous, if they left who cares? Why would I want to die non stop? As if they are a bad player that is there punishment in CoD leaving should not insititue a penelty. Not just that but it never will be, this is a casual game.

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    yea cuz u should be penalized if ur lagging and realize it and decide its best to leave...THATS A RETARDED WAY TO THINK.

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    Raging at rage quitters and demanding they be punished? c'mon, build a bridge and get over it kid

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    i have to agree with the dashboarders. the lag comp doesnt bother me as much as the spawns and stupid teamates. i hate when i get killed and watch the kill game to only watch his kill cam, or to have teammates who cant stay alive for more than a second which makes it harder on me since every ecounter i come across im facing 2-3 or even more enemies. i dont however dashboard unless it happens in numerous games i usually just quit the game and go to another lobby hoping for different.i wouldnt care if someone dashboard if i wouldnt get a loss, so in fairness of other players i just quit the game in case im host.


    i hate that i have to this, because the solution to fixing a problem is not causing another problem, but what are you suppose to do if the people who suppose to be fixing the problem want, or what i think cant fix the problem

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    Your fix would not stop or even slow down those that rage quit from doing so. People would still rage quit/back out/dashboard regardeless of any penalty system ever tried. Halo: Reach has a quit ban but it does not stop people from leaving matches at all.


    Stop thinking that people have to stay in the match just because you want them to. Each person here is playing for their own fun, not yours, so they do not care if what they do effects your fun ever and never will. So just accept that fact that it never will end and nothing can be done to stop it.

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    Yesterday, my party of 6 got our asses handed over to us.


    I instantly recognized that we were up against a good party of 6.
    And I was right.

    They were a very good clan.
    They all had win ratios above 4.

    I died because they aimed before they rounded the corners.

    Because they were tactically positioned and swept with SMG-runners to keep us on the defensive in addition to their defending guys with ACRs.



    Then when we switched lobbies, I instantly reckognized the enemy team as a toss-up and full of bad players, and yet we lost equally badly to that team as the first.
    And I was right.

    They had a win ratio below 1 on average and their KDs weren't better.
    They sprinted around corners, spotted me or members of my party, had time to stop sprinting, aim down the sights and kill us before we had the time to even pull the trigger.
    With hardline and dead silence on an ACR.


    You have no idea how disturbing that is.
    It takes half second to ready your ACR for hip-fire after sprinting.

    It takes 0.30 seconds to aim down the sights from hip-fire position without quickdraw.

    It takes 0.17 seconds to kill with an ACR when aiming down the sights at 100% accuracy.


    The game felt like we were spectating someone else,
    The disturbing part?

    ASK anyone how many hits the ACR needs to kill.
    ASK anyone playing the game how many hits the PP90M1 needs to kill.


    Had it not been for my interest in statistics and my tests, I would have said "2" -- because I have almost never been three hit killed by a weapon at close range EVER.


    I have video-evidence that all weapons kill in two hits:
    Here is from one game that I would define as "bad".

    The first playthrough is at 0.1x speed.
    The ACR fires once every 0.085 seconds, so it cannot fire faster than one shot per second.

    Count the seconds it takes for him to kill me at 0.1x speed.
    Then watch the 1.0x speed following each 0.1x speed sequence.




    I was uninjured in all the cases as you can see on my screen's lack of red.
    Also notice how their guns appear to fire two and two shots, and appearantly dealing damage for two shots on each hit in all three cases.

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