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Can´t find any Server



I will try to explain my problem to you, but my english is not so well. Hope u can understand me.


I bought the game Modern Warfare 3 for my PC. I installed and started it. After that i just did the normal steps to play:

Play--> there are 3 options to choose (easy, hard, community list(Don´t really know how it is called in english i only have the german version))--->Teamdeathmatch, search and destroy,.... (Game Mode)  . Than it starts to search for games, but it doesnt find none. After that i made a private Game with a friend of mine, and that worked!! So I know that my PC is not to bad for that game. We also tried to make a party and than try to join a server, but that also don´t work. there is errror message: Connection failed. Than i started to search on Youtube and Google but i really didn´t find a working sollution. So my question is what i can do to find offical games??? I start to get so disappointed. I would be so grateful if u can help me....



PS: My details


NAT Typ in Game: Medium

PC: Samsung R780

Internet:D-Lan (Lan via electrical outlet) DSL 6000

Router: Linksys

(I have the rights to change things in my router, like the Ports)

Windows 7, 64 Bit

For more details please ask here i will check it every secondeOo