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    I have had this happen to me at least a dozen times and its extremely anoying.

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    Tis happened to me for the first time last weekend in just over 30 hours of play time. Here is what was going on -


    Was playing TDM on Village about 10ish pm.


    No real noise making going on, no killstreaks in the air, no nades going off near me, ect...


    I had my headset on but the sound didnt come through the headset.


    Suddenly a low pitch (bass) sound at a volume much higher than what my TV was set blurted for about 3-5 seconds enough to scare me out of my chair for fear of blowing a speaker or something. Its was a very low bass sound that was distorted due to the high volume that it was produced at. Not a sound i recoginize from the game or any other CODs at all (as if it was a stealth sound malfunction or something). It was a sound Ive never heard in-game before.


    Not using surround sound. Just the standard TV speakers in stereo.


    No1 was talking during the sound (no names popping up on the screen nor did i kill any1 just before i.e. death mic).


    PS3 is hooked up using HDMI cables (not component cables).


    It seems that it was only me who had this happen because I asked the team (2 randoms and 3 of my friends) if they heard something and no1 did.


    Hasnt happened since. Hopefully my description of what happened helps in resolving this problem because its gonan hurt some1's speakers. It really was that loud. It wasnt like some people are decribing as a mic too close to a speaker sound (ala Nirvana). It was clearly a low bass tone where mics too close to speakers tends to be more of a higher pitch howling sound.

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    Yep, That's the NOISE!!!!. Not a good sound. Ecspecially early in the morning,  But was that during Survival mode? If so, I've never had that happen to me.

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    I keep dealing with this, I hope the dev's resolve it.

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             I know no one has spoke on this subject for alittle bit now, but has anyone noticed if there is some connection from the "Audio EMP" to the Juggernaut? Atleast for me, The last few times I have heard the noise. Either on my team or the other. When someone has recieved a Juggernaut flying in, I've started to hear the "Audio EMP". Sometimes it will get worse and give you the deafing noise that the "Audio EMP" makes or just fade away. Anyone else experiencing this?

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    I have this happen everyonce in a while. I feel like my turtle beach headset is just going to explode lol. very annoying. @fuzzy Im trying to recall if the last time it happened when there was a jug out. Ive also had this happen near the beginning of games too!

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    I get this every so often on my wired Astro A40s, swear its going to kill them. Even If I switch the mix amp off and on, at times its still there. Best description ever for it though. Never had this on any of the other Cod games or other game in general.

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    I see the "Audio EMP" hasn't gone away. I figured after drawing much attention to this feed as I could. There would be some kind of response or even action taken against this problem, but I guess that would be too much like right, Huh? Was making the noise when you capture the flags for domination and the game volume went up dramatically.  Almost pushed me to my breaking point with this game. Was 'bout to hit the eject button and throw it out the front door. Hopefully you guys out there can help me continue in this fight to tryin' get this fixed. I'm still hoping that this C.O.D could still make it to a playable level like MW2 before the Hacking and Clitching before the end of it's life cycle. Which seems to be running out. 

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    i've had this ''warp drive'' sound before, sending me into a ''WTF IS GOING ON!'' kind of heart pounding state. i use a bluetooth earpiece and it has happened when it wasn't on also, so assuming its not something directly caused by the headset it could be codec related. ever watch a divx video without the correct ac3 codecs installed? it sounds pretty similar.

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    I believe that I have heard the same thing several times and quite often.  It did not seem to matter whether I was using my Turtlebeach PX5 (wireless) headset or through the surround sound without any headset.  I thought it may be a weird feedback issue, so I checked my sound settings within the game.  I noticed that one of the game volumes was on maximum volume while the other volumes were about mid level.  I turned the game volume down to about 75%, and I have not had this problem since.  This may work for you too. 

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