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ACR 6.8 Title and Emblem Trouble

I have over 1,000 kills with the ACR 6.8 on MW3 but I never got the 500 kills title for the ACR nor the 1,000 kills emblem for the gun. I have asked many of my friends on PSN about it and they have no clue about it because they believed that I should have earned them both during my time with the gun. All work and no reward for all of my work. Is there an glitch/bug with the gun/game? If so, please fix it ASAP.

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    You have to get 500 Headshots for the silver with the bloody title.

    You have to get 1000 Headshots for the gold with skulls title.


    You have to unlock all proficiencys to get the darkgold title.

    You have to get 2500 kills for the black and white title.

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      I have the 500 kills sliver title for the CM901 but not for the ACR. I know that I earn the emblem for 1000 headshots which I'm working on right now but it is still weird that I have not gotten the awards for the work I have done. Activison needs to answer this or at least help out. I also know that you earn those titles that you mention once you prestige but I have not prestiged yet and won't if I do not get awards for the hard work that I and other have put into our games.