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Treyarch, if you care about the fans (Which I know you do) ***READ THIS***


Treyarch, I really respect you guys as a company, and when I play your games over IW Modern Warfare games, I can see that you guys actually care about making a cool game, when I play a Treyarch game, it makes me feel a lot better about the Call of Duty Franchise, and that its not just all about Activision making money. And activision needs to know that. Because you guys deserve a lot more respect.


Anyway, Im very faithful that you guys will make the next CoD amazing. (C'mon we all know you guys are the devs on this) And I was thinking, if Zombies is going to be in you next title, I need to know (And so does the rest of the community) one thing: Are we going to be able to play all previous maps in the series.


I personally want to see something new as your bonus mode, but I can easily see why you guys would put this in the next game, as its like the face of your games. So anyway if you do, I have been a LONG time fan, of the Zombie mode, I can still remember playing Nacht Der super late every night with my older brother. Man those times bring back good memories. I really wish that all the previous maps in the zombies series will be available for placement in this game SOME HOW.


If your not going to hand them out for free in the special editions, please try and get activision to do this:   \/ \/ \/




If the next game runs on the same engine as Black Ops, there will be no need for remastering, which increases the possibility.


If it runs on a tweaked MW3 Engine, (Which it probably will) Than you guys at Treyarch just need to slightly adjust the maps to run on the engine.


This is possible, but I just cant see Activision doing something like this. If they do it at all, there going to charge SOMETHING for this. Maybe if you bought them before you get a DISCOUNT or something. HERES MY IDEA:





(30% Discount seams reasonable) and if you get the Hardened Edition, you get (30%) off, and for prestige (40%) off.


So if I bought the old maps, and bought prestige id get (70%) off. If I bought the old maps and the Hardened, I'd get (60%) off.


See the table below \/



You Bought the...               Price of Pack     Percent off

Maps Originally                        $28                     30%


Blops2 Hardened                    $28                     30%


Blops2 Prestige                       $24                     40%


Maps Orig.+ BO2 Hardened  $16                     60%


Maps Orig.+ BO2 Prestige     $12                     70%




See my idea. I think those prices are reasonable. And it gives to the True CoD fans. And I can literally see Activision going for this. So if a Treyarch employee is reading this, please, do the community a favor, and get this word out, WE WANT THE OLD MAPS, and get Activision to go for this. With my Table above, that is a Win Win for EVERYONE.


Thanks for anyone who read. Much appreciated.






Insparation for Thread comes from another thread on forum. (With Poor Grammar / Understandability)


Thanks Treyarch! Love You Guys!