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  • 70. Re: Counter for Dead Silence? (Yes!)

    I don't see why people whine about Dead Silence users. I'd rather deal with someone using Dead Silence than someone else using Assassin. If someone with Dead Silence keeps running up on you, you aren't paying that much attention. But People using Assassin Pro makes it hard for me to use my MK46 Thermal Grip properly, which causes way more trouble than not being able to hear someone's footsteps. I wish we could turn the Thermal part on and off.

  • 71. Re: Counter for Dead Silence? (Yes!)

    If you're talking about Blackbird, it only took 8 kills (7 w/ Hardline) and it showed the enemy for 45 seconds which was absolutely gamechanging. Realistically it should have been atleast an 11 killstreak.


    This is where the community is spiraling further and further out of control. So many people have become absolutely reliant on having to see red dots on their screen. They don't adapt and adjust according. Ghost was only useful if you continue using what it directly counters. If you stop using it, that player is essentially wasting a perk slot.

  • 72. Re: Counter for Dead Silence? (Yes!)

    The only times I ever used Ghost was to get it pro. It seemed like a waste to me, since I was always in more direct firefights without a silencer than sitting in a corner somewhere with a silenced Galil. If Ghost wasn't in the same slot as Scavenger, I might've used it just because, but i'll never give up Scavenger.

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    Getting a Blackbird was so much harder considering that the pointstreak system didn't exist & killstreaks did not stack. (for me it was anyways).


    I do agree that once you got the Blackbird, it was game changing unless your teammates were idiots, it was countered by the counter spy plane or the enemy team used Decoys & Jammers.


    And yes, I came across idiots who could not get a kill whilst a Blackbird was in the air.

  • 74. Re: Counter for Dead Silence? (Yes!)

    Nah, they need the ability to switch from white hot to black hot on thermals and maybe an upgrades thermal you get as a later attachment and let it counter assasin and how it hides you from thermal.


    then agian thermal counters assasin right now as is. on bright maps those dark figures stick out like sore thumbs in thermal scopes.

  • 75. Re: Counter for Dead Silence? (Yes!)

    Actually, thermal screws me over more when a whole team is rocking Assassin because they blend in with everything. If we could turn it on and off, i'd leave it off. I don't need thermal scopes because i'm not bad at spotting people, but when an Assassin user is in your thermal scope, it's almost impossible to see him, especially if he's moving straight towards or away from you.

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    Just to be clear guys, in the Hot & Fixes section is stated as a "FIX" , SRP should cancel DS since the game came out.

  • 77. Re: Counter for Dead Silence?

    Recon  flash bang puts assasin users on the map

  • 78. Re: Counter for Dead Silence?

    it will now

  • 79. Re: Counter for Dead Silence?

    It does have a lot of counters, my favorite: A Pair of Eyes

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