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Another what is your take on quickscoping thread :D


Alright i dont understand why people complain about hardscoping in this game.Everytime i shoot a sniper rifle from a long distance i instantly get chewed out for it.I cant understand why quickscoping is even considered a skill.I dont see how it takes skill to quickly look through a scope and pull the trigger.There was a video my friend did were he quickscoped with an MSR and the guy was to his left but the bullet hit about 4 feet to the right and killed him? WTF i dont see how that requires skill.Quickscoping is cheating the game mechanics and shouldnt even be considered a form of snipeing.Hardscope? Yea i hear that term alot too what is a hardscope? Oh the correct way to shoot a sniper rifle yes.Im just done with all the quickscoping ppl thinking there good.If quickscoping is so hard then why can 95% of the COD community do it? I want to see someone take a Barret 50 cal in real life and quickscope it.Let me no what you feel.