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((XBOX)) Did you know this??? I got an email from Elite/Beachhead and it's EFFING BS. Must Read!! Beachhead is wrong again.




Thank you for contacting Call of Duty Elite Support!


You're experiencing no recorded scores for Clan Operations.


When a Clan Leader enlists in an Operation the Clan roster for that operation locks. A player will score for that operation even if they leave the Clan after the clan leader enlists. A player will not score if they join the clan anytime the Clan leader enlisted in the operation.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------

This is so BS. Anyone in your clan should be able to play the clan ops at anytime. It shouldn't matter when the clan leader enlists in the clan ops.


We are recruiting for Hardcore Texans on XBOX. We are enlisted in all clan ops. We should be able to have all current and future clan members score count. We had 3 premium members play a clan ops and it wasn't counted.


What do you y'all think?