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Skilled PS3 player Looking for clan lvl 15+   *pls read whole story ;O*

Good day to y'all,


My ign is x_Dejosse_x

i'm 19yrs old.

I've been playing cod since the release of COD2.
For that i see myself as a COD veteran.

i'm from belgium so i speak dutch.
but my english is Baws-like good.
French = cant speak, but understand the most of it

German = dont even ask -_-


I always been a "one man army "in SnD, and now i'm looking for some teamplays.

As you can see on my Elite account i got a K/D 0.39-0.4 (still raising)
i'm an elite founder.


This is becaus at the start of mw3 i've used the dubble exp glitch and got reset for it (fair enough)

and they gave me 10k deaths and 1k losses

But that doesnt mean i'm a terrible player


If you're intrested in a good,friendly,dedicated mw3 player, u should deffinatly check my recent games out to see that i'm high up at 2.00 k/d every game.
[most of the times i'm at the top 3 players]
i'm not bragging, its just a fact *trollface*


Hope this information is enough to satisfy some of the clan leaders out there to invite me into their clan.


*if any spelling mistakes occured, its cuz i'm belgian xD*