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questions about some stuff

first, when you prestige do the prestige challenges reset? i just prestiged last night and when i played today i checked my prestige challenges and only my attack helicopter one stayed. the rest of them reset. ALL OF THEM! (prestige challenges, not the other ones.) i knew i should have just finished the damn knife kills... 

aaaaaand, how come in the recent players list it says last player like 100 something days ago? it doesn't refresh for me.

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    The recent players list is broken, it will randomly update one new person to the list once it's "full" or something like that.


    As for the prestige challenges, I think that it won't reset  the chopper challenges neither the sentry gun challenges on the "Prestige".


    Never really paid attention to them and no need for me to prestige anymore.

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    Yes. The recent player system is crap. When you prestige, it does reset the challenges, but it keeps any titles or emblems you earned for those challenges. Still, this is good for you. You get all those challenge bonus points again to help you level up faster after you prestige. So, you can go and jump in the well in Seatown again for some easy points.