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Abuse for supposedly cheating

A first for me yesterday - got a really abusive message indicating i had been reported  for i presume cheating / modding with some rather nice words about my parentage and wrist actions - I presume he was on wrong end of some lag comp as i am not worlds greatest player but was having a good match with my LS86. I don't cheat, boost - sometimes camp a little but was not doing that either - can check my stats on elite  - pretty average ( gamertag is same as login) - what do you guys do in situations like this - ignore or report for language?

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    You can report him for language if it was bad enough. If you really were not doing anything then he could report you 1000 times and nothing would happen.

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    If you've done nothing wrong don't worry about it, I've been reported for cheats/hacks/mods a few time but nothing comes of it because I don't use any. if they sent you an abusive message report them back and they'll get dealt with appropriately.


    Microsoft / Infinity Ward won't ban without evidance.

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    If someone insults me, I insult them right back... and usually stops the illiterate fecktards.

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    Don't take it to heart, in fact, revel in the fact that you really got on the nerves of one of these morons so much in fact that he felt compelled to send you a hateful message... the more they are annoyed, the better you must be doing

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    I had 1 the other day,sent him a message saying i reported him for boosting.his reply was "yeah and i'll hack you w*****!".i contacted microsoft the next day about it and was told they will look into it straight away,strangely enough he hasnt been back online for a few days!


    now time to send some videos to BanCandy.

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    I think people that suck at this game complain to those who dont. Oh and water is wet.

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    I think it has to do with what actually happens in the game.  I sometimes wonder how people can do the things they do.  How some zip across the screen like they are juiced ALL the time.  Kill with 3 bullets and never miss.  Or how you can dominate one game and lose ALL close gunfights the next one.  I personally belive Activision is implementing lag for business reasons as much as necessity to keep sales up.  AND YOU WOULDNT JUST BOOST AVERAGE PLAYERS, YOU WOULD RESTRICT BETTER PLAYERS ALSO.  After 35,000 deaths I realized that with my set up I will never be on top because its just to inconsistant. NO LAG, ONLY LAG COMP.   Im just guessing but a good business model would cycle advantages making a broader field better than they really are, thus increase the amount of reports for cheating because of wth moments but increasing the customer base. 

    WTH moments just seem to be on the rise to me and SHOULD be declining as internet gets faster, player experience and abilities improve and the game is developed, but it has not, has it?  Maybe Im wrong?

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    Report the person to Xbox Live for messaging (harrassment ? foul language? cant remember.)


    EVERY text message he says is permanently recorded at Microsoft including which xbox serial number it was sent from.


    He will get a temp communication ban BUT if he is making those messages acting like he is a PET from Acti or Microsoft it COULD be longer or permanent .