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Thermal on a LMG (MK46)....why so noob?????


why the f*** does evryone get soooo pissed when i use my thermal scope on a LMG? I mean half of everyone is quickscoping or  using assassin so why cry? haha.... i was just wondering what others think, i love the thermal... and why do some peole think they can tell someone what gun not to use? of course I'm gonna use the ACR, or the UMP, or the type 95 and yes the MK14....with thermal sometimes...better than a sniper rifle i think because of the impact proficiency....and I freakin love that MK46, rapid fire with thermal...try it if U don't believe me.

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    I dont see the problem. I tried the Thermal scope on the UMP and found it useless, Because of the added sway.... had better luck with the iron sight. haha.

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    I love my little golden MK46 I like using speed and grip it lets me treat it more as a heavy smg the hip fire on that thing can just make a team vanish.

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    Thermal paired with Sway prof. is nice on the ARs also. Basically if you are killing people a lot with it you will be considered noob tubing, lol. That's just how this game is.

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    Noobs will get pissed at anything that kills them online because they like to delude themselves into thinking they're (among) the best player anywhere just because they can beat their neighborhood friends in private matches.

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    i like to use the mk46 paired with grip/thermal and recon pro/quickdraw pro/steady aim pro. makes people quit all the time.

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    I get mad when I pick up a light machine gun with thermal after running out of ammo on my original gun. Because of my style of playing (rusher) I find them impossible to use. Not calling you a camper or anything but thats usually a camping gun. since moving is really hard with those guns

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    Any one who get's mad at you for using that setup is an idiot. The only time it's reasonable to get mad at someone doing that is if they're just head glitch camping, or lying down hallway camping ADS'd the whole match, but then it's the same for any gun doing that.


    If they get mad at you for using that, they weren't around for MW2 AUG-H bar with foregrip and SOH, that thing was a ******* machine, it was a sniper rifle on full auto with almost no kick and a magazine speed reload, the only downside was the movement penalty but it was worth it.

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    A few of reasons why they call you a noob ..


    1: Kill/Score jelousy (spelling)

    2:Killed them over and over (my favourite reason when people rage)

    3:immature kids playing a game they shouldnt be


    i get called a shotgun noob using a gold 1887 at level 80 15th prestige (how that works out)


    all in all keep doing what you want cos no one can make or tell you use another setup

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    Just do what I do, mute everyone when you get into a lobby (unless you know them) and just play.  Who cares what people say?  I honestly don't because all you hear on the other end is younger kids saying how bad other suck because of what they are using, yet they keep dying to the same person over and over again lol.  So really, who sucks?


    I never listen but missed muting two kids and that's all I heard.  "this guy is a camping noob, such bs, he sucks", yet when I'm hearing that I see the feed and the same two idiots getting sniped by the same guy like 10x.  So I plugged my mic and said, "you guys obviously suck as you keep getting killed by the "noob", he's a sniper and easy to counter blah blah" (forget the rest.


    It was funny but just ignore them and play how you want to play man, no worries.

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    Respect to the OP. I am an avid user of thermal scopes in this game, and yet they still seem underused.

    I have never took an LMG to a high enough level to be able to unlock thermal, but i can just imagine how cool it would be on Bakarra or mission.

    I do use it on every AR,but not on SMGs.

    Don't worry about what others say.

    No matter what you do, you are whoring,tryharding,noobtubing etc in these peoples eyes ,when in fact all you did was play better than them.

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    I remember beasting in Black ops in a match of Free For All and I felt bad for the people I was playing against so I set up a class with the HK21 LMG with the thermal scope so I would be at a disadvantage due to the sway and color change and oddness, and I still won the match. At the end, the majority of the lobby plugged in their headset and started calling me a noob for using a thermal scoped LMG and I was just shocked to see people who used AK74-U rapid-fire and AUGs and stuff whine about every little thing. I even used a pistol and still got called a noob. there is just no way to please people....so play the way you like to and mute the haters.


    Don't get me wrong though, I highly dislike campers unless it's in an objective game and they're defending. I also dislike PP90 rapid-fire users, I simply think they're just cheap ways of playing.....but thats my opinion. I just don't see a challenge using those tactics or guns.

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    use what you want mane. its more respectful then try hard setups. ( acr, pp90,mp7)

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    I love using thermal LMG's because it's so hilarious listening to people rage from it. I've gotten 2 reapers in one streak using a thermal M60... My friend got me to try it and I've loved it