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The next COD B.O 2

Honestly if I wanted a future war game I would play Ghost Recon or Halo this is not even CoD anymore its the off spring of a 3 way between ghost recon, halo and battlefield. I do know that Activision has finally done something different for once in the last 4 years but this change is to big and I think its going to break the whole franchise. Treyarch went with this the wrong way they should have just made a new engine not add future killstreaks and guns. Also If the jets and tanks in this trailer are just for campaign then maybe MP will be ok but tanks and jets will break this game in MP and if they are in MP they better be high ******* killstreaks or ill just stick to BF3. This is just my opinion If you think differntly about this feel free to leave an answer I know I will get **** for saying this but this is my Opinion and I feel that it must be stated.