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has anyone else noticed this?

I have noticed that not everyone is happy with any call of duty that has ever been released. I happen to be one of those people that does not like certain things about all of the call of duty's. The one that i disliked the most was black ops. now in saying that i will be buying black ops 2. There are alot of people complaining about how mw3 is almost the exact same as mw2 and they are unhappy about that. Then their are the people that like that it is the same but hate all fo the changes that they made such as adding proffeciencys to the guns or making it so that when you are using the pointstreaks you are able to carry the streak over after death. Enough rembeling time to get to the point. Black ops 2 has "officialy" been announced and im starting to question how manny people will be complaining about it just like they did with modern warfare 3. We do not know much about the game yet but there are alot of rumours. such as new game types, killstreaks, but like i said they are all rumours and we are not at all sure if anny of them are true. I would like your guyses imputs on weather you think people will complain or not and i would also like to know if you are going to buy black ops 2 even if you did not enjoy black ops or even if you loved black ops more than all of the other call of duty's


Thank you for reading guys and i would like your imputs.

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    I have to say that every game has their own things that make them annoying or bad, the only real problem I see is the lag and that would be Activisions fault. I actually enjoyed Black ops quite a lot, but this new game seems a bit weird, I personally will be waiting until they release more footage, preferably multiplayer footage before I make a real decision on whether or not I will purchase it.


    I have no doubt in my mind that people will whine and cry over stupidity, it's something that can't be avoided, people will end up hating a lot of stuff because they always expect a game to be perfect and don't notice the difficulties that come with programming a video game, let alone an online experience.

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    HAHA People only say that when they cant beat the oposite team lol.. i m not even first prestige in mw2 and a 10th prestige wanted to fight me in mw2cuz i 1 v 1'd him 15-3 in mw3 . i accepted ang guess what happened same score in mw2 i sniped his ass and he called me cammper . maybe im

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    i think that we all need to vent, because typically it isnt the lag, its your connection. its not assassin, its our unwillingness to adapt and change!?  i happened to not like the colors of bo, and actually like the guns of mw2 & 3.  maybe if they specialize bo guns, because they seem boring than the high tech of modern guns!?  anyways... thanks ranchlands

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    100% not getting black ops 2 black ops was PISH

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    They should do a complete U-turn compared to mw3. No support. Mix it with assault and don't make them stack. Add specialist streaks though they are awesome.


    Local default lock. Catering to high Internet speeds (don't make the host the village idiot who stutters and gets insta-killed constantly). No deathstreaks again hopefully and no Second chance glitch perk. Hopefully shotguns will have a bit better / more range and more attachments and Snipers should just be good from the start with no instant ads speed (like in blops now).


    I think complaining about OP guns is fine to a certain degree (not that I really care as I will use the better guns constantly like most ppl), as long as most guns don't start shooting marshmallows. Complaining about connection / hit register issues is normal and should be complained about constantly if it's really game breaking for people with good settings and networks which is obviously complete bs.