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So I've plugged a lot of my freetime over the last 5 years into Call of Duty and I think that Treyarch have a great opportunity to shine.


1. First off, both WAW and BOps had many qualities. The atmosphere was eery in both games and the gameplay online was so balanced.

2. Black Ops allowed Treyarch to use less linear and more experiemental equipment and killstreak rewards. Black Ops 2 will enable this even further with not only being non-linear, but also set in the future meaning theoretical gameplay ideas, balancing equipment or perks and features can all be made "real". This kind of free-license must surely have been a big attraction of a game set in the future. This could really help Treyarch realise their perfect game balancing for multiplayer.

3. Following MW3 will be a bit of a free trip. The worst release in the series is a skeleton of a game, with only cosmetic advancements and unfortunately serious issues with matchmaking, lag and hosting/lag compensation. The gameplay was hurt further by the tight maps leading to less dimensional gameplay, limited strategy (if any) and shocking spawns, all further exacabated by the lag. BO2 only needs to get the lag problem mostly resolved to improve on the previous COD release.

4. Finally, with information gathered by the disappointment of Elite and MW3, plus things learnt from WAW and BOps, BO2 with Elite 2.0 could really put Treyarch and the franchise back in the driving seat, with the most diverse, customisable, challenging, social and ultimately satisfying COD yet. This is just a hope however, but there's an opportunity here, for Treyarch to shine.


FYI, my COD history on PS3.


COD4:MW - campaign many times, 18 days online

COD:WAW - campaign once, some zombies, 23 days online

COD:MW2 - campaign a few times, all stars on spec ops, 25 days online

COD:BOps - campaign once, 26 days online (and counting, I'm back in Black)

COD:MW3 - campaign once, 7 days online (retired)