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MW3: A discussion of what went wrong.

So this came out:


What do you guys think are the biggest problems with MW3 currently?


Ill start it out: Matchmaking. Lets hope they can release the fabled matchmaking update sooner rather than later.

And laser guns. Core vs. Hardcore isnt that much of a difference anymore damage wise, and with guns with little to no recoil compared to previous games, makes it too easy.

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    I will add Lag Compensation, Poor Map designs, and Weapons Balance.


    Lag Comp gives you inconsistent hit markers from none to several hit markers when it should have only been one, two, or three on one person and then the next goes down to a spit wad last bullet OSK.  You also think you are okay when you run around a corner and down/up stairs only to find out that you were killed before you turned the corner in the kill feed.   You go to knife a guy right in front of you that is close enough to kiss, but you miss(several times).  yet you can seemingly commando knife lunge the next guy through his spray of bullets.  And finally people shoot you when you visibly see them looking away from you.  The bullets seem to turn towards you as they exit the barrel.


    Poor Map designs...  Mission where one side has to run uphill and the other can just sit there at the top picking you off near their spawn.  Downturn is ugly and grey.  And most of the maps have little bumps everywhere that completely halt you when you run into them.  I cannot tell you how many times I stubbed my toe on a little corner rock and wasn't able to move. I will say the DLC maps are actual improvements.  Still, there are way to many explosive cars (Piazza is italian for parking lot) and barrels.


    Weapons Balance...  Seriously off kilter here.   In some classes, the initial guns are better than most (if not all) the unlocks.  FMG9s and post-Buff L86 LMGs are the best example of this.

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    The thing that's absolutely wrong with this game. The revenge spawn system, or just the entire spawn system in general. Like a week ago I was on fire, 18 kill streak. I get killed, no biggie but then the horrible respawning happened. Within 20 seconds after my first death I got killed 12 times just because I was respawned in front of an enemy. If they fix that it could be a pretty decent game. Unfortunately they won't so meh, back to Black Ops and MW2 it is.

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    the fact that it was SO BAD (IMO) that it is the first cod game i traded in.

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    Ranked most important to least important


    1) Connectivity

    2) Matchmaking

    3) Spawns

    4) Deathstreaks

    5) Offensive Pointstreaks in the Support Package (i.e. Stealth Bomber)

    6) Secondary Akimbo Machine Pistols

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    NERF SEMTEX!!!! F SAKE ITS NOT EVEN A REAL DEVICE YET ITS KILLED ME TOOOOO MANY TIMES..... NERF IT OR REMOVE IT.O, and create a playlist with no explosives/launchers!d for christ sake, do something about Quickscoping. its just pathetic....

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    @born2bdad  awwwwwwwwwwwww another **** moaning about the game , all explosives in this game are **** , nades in  this game hardly get u any kills , they have a more reduced range thn anyother cod game thts been out , and theres nothing wrong with quikscoping , but anyways i will say lag comp , spawning and deathstreaks

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    The desire to push an unfinished and unpolished product out to consumers on a 1 year production cycle is what went wrong. What this game needed was a larger beta test group to provide more testing and feedback. Having a longer production time would allow the devs to work out the issues so we would not need 12 tu's and tons of hotfixes within the first 6 months of release. The studios can offset the longer production time with more DLC expansions to keep us engaged both monetarily and with our playing time.


    Would there still be issues and complaints sure, but hopefully a 2 yr production window would allow the devs ample time to sort out the major issues pre release.


    just my .02

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    MW3 has DLC? Oh ya, I'm on PC and haven't seen heard sh*t about it.

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    Run and strafe speed is unnaturally high, and it escalates hit detection problems and the spawn problems.
    Fair enough that you sprint as fast as the best sprinters in the world, with Javelin on your back (...)...

    No, actually... that is the problem isn't it.
    IF strafing was a lot more realistic (and I don't only mean when aiming down the sights), hit-detection on people strafing while firing wouldn't be a problem.

    I think most of the hit-detection problems would be fixed if the game slowed down.
    One example of the hit detection problems: I've got my sights on this sprinting enemy, but I fail to get hit detection thrice for a full magazine whereof half of it is spent aimed and half hip-fired with the enemy in center.
    I start hip-firing because I realize that I can't hit him aiming where he is.



    Matchmaking / lag compensation
    Slowing the game down would not help fix whatever is broken with the lag compensation.

    Typical scenario.
    I walk around a corner.
    An enemy spots me just as I spot him.
    I die instantly.

    He has assassin.
    I have quickdraw.
    He needed 0.30 seconds to aim.

    I needed 0.15 seconds to aim.

    On the killcam, I never fired one single of my 4 shots with my ACR.
    Here is a video showing what I'm talking about:
    3 instances of me getting two hit killed in the same game by weapons that need 3 hits to kill:
    (The clip runs in 0.1x and 1.0x speed. Notice how their weapons fire two and two shots and how I die when getting hit by the "second burst", and how that second burst kills me at within a second after the first burst in 0.1x speed: The problem is: It takes 1.7 seconds to kill with an ACR at 0.1x speed, not 0.85 seconds like in the game and theatre.)



    Map size, layout and clutter
    Most of the maps are so small that spawning becomes a problem.
    Most maps have thousands of clutter-objects.
    Crates in the middle of the road, everywhere, trucks up stairs in a position the truck never would be able to go, no piece of cover without a flanking position, and flanking always takes the exact same amount of time as running the straight way, making useful cover far inbetween even though the cover / clutter is everywhere.
    The seagulls flying sideways on seatown don't help either.


    Weapons and perks
    I regret supporting the removal of stopping power.
    The most logical approach to removing a perk that everyone and their grandmother used EXCEPT on profiles with silenced weapons would obviously be:

    Just put stopping power on all weapons, at least on either short or long range for each weapon (M4 short range, M16 all ranges, Mk14 short range) -- and knock down the damage one tier with a silenced weapon instead of reducing range and rate of fire (Mk14)

    I'd rather be forced to use stopping power than being forced to use quickdraw, or both (MW2), because without quickdraw quickscoping wouldn't be such a big problem.

    Weapon balance was completely screwed in MW3:

    PP90M1 (short) = MP7 (medium-long) >>> P90 >> UMP >>>>> MP5
    Type 95 > ACR = Mk14 > G36C >> M4 > SCAR-L > AK47 > M16 = CM901

    Machine pistol secondaries
    Machine pistol secondaries with Akimbo when everyone uses quickdraw anyway, draws almost as fast as a pistol, but can kill a juggernaut in one second while only LMGs among the primaries can kill a juggernaut in one magazine, and need a good 3 seconds doing so.



    That said: The addition of support and specialist scorestreaks was a good idea.