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*OFFICIAL* Black Ops II Zombies Ideas!

Your saw the title!


Post your Black Ops II Zombies Wishlist, Ideas, Maps, Guns, Perks, Etc.


Have fun and be respectful of each others opinions!

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    what would i like to see in this zombies? a form of ending so not rounds but still a leaderboard for something like  NAME: MAP: Score:   Highest Completetion Time: Zombies Killed: Zombies Assists: Also i really dunno why but i really want to be scared so i want sounds to be intense perhaps you hear screaming in the distance and scary music and hearing Hell hounds/wolves

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    That's a great idea, I myself and my friends have always wanted some type of map that actually ends. treyarch confirmed new game-modes for zombies so maybe we will see it?

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    Perk Name: Discount

    What is does: Makes everything cost 15% less.

    Fault: Wastes 1 of 4 perk spaces if your not a heavy spender. Also, it has a high price.

    Cost: 4000-5000 points.


    Map Name: Das Haus der Dämonen (The Haunting)

    Description: An abandoned church in Germany where zombies rise from the ground anywhere around you. You start off inside the church and can make your way out into the graveyard surrounding it. The Pack-A-Punch can be used by turning on the power and activating 4 crosses scattered around the map. When activated, The Pack-A-Punch rises from the alter inside the church for 2 minutes.

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    That is an insanely good description of the map, it remids me 'School's Out' , a custom PC map. It's really cool and I feel like it has a relevance to your idea!

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    There should be a wonder weapon that sucks all of the element 115 out of the zombies which will cause them to drop them. The next time you fire it it will spit the element right back out overcharging the zombies and causing them to die. I also know that Treyarch was going to make a paris map instead of Moon I love that I idea and I think it should be included in Black Ops 2

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    2. Old guns not too modern.
    3. Join in mid game if some one backs out let some one else join in
    4. Just a fun atmoshere with cool easter eggs.
    5. No team nessary for easter eggs
    6. Go balls out! give us a ride, dare to take that one risky idea and blow our minds out the back of our skulls.
    7. Moddify guns. mismatch and put together guns.
    9. 3rd person maby
    10. A bit more keep going like there still rounds but like a 15 second break between them but a small amout of zombies will continue to come so it never ends and in the 15 seconds those zombies dont get stronger.
    11. Richtofen!!!
    12. AMAZING wonder weapons that make it epic! strong but maby limits view, from fire like when the ray gun is fierd a cloud appers makes it intense.
    13. Audio  improvement screar us
    14. The hidden songs keep em coming Let us replay them more than once.
    15. Zombie DLC seprate from multiplayer!
    16. cool new grenades
    17. WUNDERWAFFE DG-2!!!
    18. Keep perk bottel drop.
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    i agree that came to mind right away.   i got some map ideas too didnt know we could post em give me aminet

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    1st perk


    Primary Function: Grants you the ability to charge through and stumble zombies when cornered.


    Secondary Function: when you charge into teammates, it gives that teamate 500 points out of yours..


    Trigger: Press L3 / left stick and hold square/X


    Flaw (if applicable): lose all sprint energy and disables weapon while and after usage for 2 seconds. Cannot be used without sprint energy.


    Price : 3000



    2nd perk


    Primary function: upgrades all game features. Instant pack-a-punch, perk drink animation quicker, random box spins quicker, takes half the time to hack something (if applicable), quicker teleportation.


    secondary function: swaps weapons faster and increases size of feature activation radius

    (dont have to stand as close) This also works when attempting to revive a teammate.


    Trigger: Automatic


    Flaw (if applicable): size of feature activation could be seen as a flaw.


    Price: 4000

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    Love the ideas guys! these are way better than mine haha. Keep them coming it's great to see these ideas! Treyarch caneasily notice these since there aren't too many posts!

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