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    A indoor foot ball field.                You start off in the center of the field, with the pac a punch in the center (were the team logo would be) the power is off (of course). The two touchdown zones are bloked off with fallen debr from the dome above, here in the debri are windows the zombies spaw in the TD zones. A few weak guns are on the walls of the bleachers so the spaw will be accupied for long but not too long. With no power the few guns on the wall wont last long so the group must deside to go IN 1500pontsA: Home team locker rooms which leads to a good sized portion of the map,and more doors.1000points B: Away teams locker rooms small and no exit expt for door you opend but guns like the BAR are here. Small clips but can last many rounds.2250points C:one section of bleachers this will be close counter zombie space and a good amount of no limets except for the chars. this is the shortest way to the announcers box which thew one more 1500point door the power is located. Expense 2 doors but fast to the power. Home room lockers will also lead to the power but through a long seris of rooms and in the long run more expensive but door coasts are lower. home locker rooms and power room end up connected. Im sure you guys can improve it but thats the main idea.

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    Map Idea 1:

    Let’s have a Zombie map in the White House!  I think this map would be awesome!  Others have said the same thing.  Keep in mind that you dont have to be inside the White house, but also you could go outside of the White house (the lawn).  The 8 perks could be scattered throughout the map, but have the Pack in punch machine in the oval office.


    Map Idea 2:

    Have a Zombie map in a small town with a some houses, kind of like Multiplayer Map Nuketown.  Of course you would have to have more than 2 houses.  lol


    Map Idea 3:

    How about a Zombie Map, where you can run around in a football / baseball stadium.


    Map Idea 4:

    Start out at Area 51 and the portal can take you to different locations around the country / world.


    Map Idea 5:

    This map would take place in Egypt around the 3 pyramids.   Have the pack in punch machine in one of the pyramids.



    I would recommend keeping the same perks, but say if you go down and if revived you can still keep all your perks and third weapon, instead of having to buy them again.  The only way you would have to buy your perks again is, if you die in the round.  This wouldn't fall under the Perks, but it would be nice to pick up a hacker to hack doors, give money to someone, and hack the box.



    With all maps, include all of the special guns from previous maps. (Winters howl, Thunder gun, Wonderwaffle, VR 11, etc)  You can also include new weapons in these maps as well.  The only thing I would recommend is taking out the Snipers.



    **One last thing.  For the Pricey Special Edition of BLack Ops 2, you can get all of the maps from WAR and Black Ops!

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    Good ideas for the stadiums and multiple maps! I personally think that since 3arc has been very serious with zombies and got the crowd where they want them, they might release a fun map or 2, maybe for game-modes, or the regular wave-modes. Great job so far guys!

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    Hey look he said foot ball field too. my idea is awsome. i like this guy map ideas too! the white house lets goooo

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    hat about something a little bit different ?  I wish in the new game, there will be some new guns, but they keep old and good ones, like raygun..thunder.. waves gun..winter's owl and electrik gun( i dont remember the name ).. etc . For sure , I would like that they make some new good maps, with long histories (easter eggs ), secrets.. A good idea should also be that you can upgrade your guns two or three times, and they still upgrade. But the second and the third time you upgrade them, it always cost you more cash than the previous time. Also.. what about some accessories that you can buy on the wall ? Like nuke-tube.. masterkay.. and FLAMETOWER!!! and you will be able to upgrade your accessories too! I also wish they invent some new things that you can buy on the wall.. (claymore.. bouncing betty) like electric grenades ( it electrifies some zombies).. and for sure, you can modifie these accessories. My last idea is about some nukes, Max ammo, instant death .. etc, that you can also buy on the wall.. for a big cost.. like 20000 dollars! maybe I exaggerated.. but I should be nice! My walls should be full.. but no problem they only have to makes big maps! I you think my idea are good.. say it to me and you can give my you ideas, I'll appreciate it!

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    AWSOME idea like quick rivive and speed cola in to one perk with awsome upgrades!

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    Perks: Dubble Truble-dule wield any two guns 2 same guns or two diffrent guns,limeted to no launchers or LMG. give it a soda name or drink name.

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    I love your ideas. Buying powerups off the wall has always been a great idea (I'd always think of it in those sistuations where you need them haha). I think they should be different prices though.

    Max Ammo - 30,000

    Bonfire Sale (PaP for 1,000, lasts for 1-3 minutes depending on # of players) - 30,000 - 50,000 (# of players)

    Insta-Kill - 20,000

    Nuke - 20,000

    Fire Sale - 10,000 (lasts for 1 minute)

    Bottle (can give perk, gun, money, powerups, etc) - 40,000

    Death Machine - 15,000

    x2 Points - 10,000


    They can be doubled time if for 50% more (max ammo would go to 45k)

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    Come out with Perk o colas in real life based off what the chareters say when they dink it i would live off them just dont make them too bad for you.

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    I think they should make it more of a world war 2 feeling like it used to be. It would bring back a nostalgic feeling for me and all the others who have played nazi zombies since WaW. They should add more WW2 weapons than in the first black ops. PPSH! It's a must have! If anyone remembers the old WaW rumours for the final map pack, some of the ideas from that are actually cool. My favorite being the harpoon gun!

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