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    I lke your list.. I would add:



    • Predictable spawns (and I'm as guilty as any in pushing out to the spawns in DZ once the DZ is secured.  Not a full-on spawn trap per se, but certainly messes with the other team).
    • Semi-auto weapons w/out a fire rate cap (i.e. no more 14 year old pimpled losers using a rapid fire controller on the MK14, Striker, etc.).



    • more/different guns.  I saw something where Ghost Recon has a library of over 20,000 guns?
    • Guns that are unlocked at higher levels.. should be more powerful.  How come the last gun to be unlocked, the FAD, is such a marhsmallow shooter in MW3?  It should be something you earn, maybe after prestiging once even, but those last few guns should be worth the time investment.  Maybe make them so you can't save them with a prestige token?
      • Alternatively, how about when you get a gun golden, you can add a third attachment or two proficiencies (i.e. kick + attachments).  There should be a reward beyond a pretty gold color for grinding through level 31 on a gun.
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    Nice one, good a veteran player around here , For weapons i put DLC weapons & Camos.

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    You missed a big one.


    No tacs in Kill Confirmed HC mode.

    Absolute BS tactic.

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    We can do No tactical Insertion in certain gametypes, until the playlist is released

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    You say that you're an advanced player, but that's the problem. CoD (the franchise in general) wants to appeal to new, old, casual, hardcore, etc gamers - not just those who are serious about the game and have experience with it. Are these some good ideas from a veteran's standpoint? Yes, absolutely. But from a new/casual players perspective, this list is absolute garbage. Just something to think about.

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    I've been playing since CoD4 so I have allot of ideas >.> you were warned. And I recognize that MW saga and WaW/Bops saga are 2 different devolopers but its still one game so my ideas come from all the call of duty games that i have played, not just the treyarch ones. Because you 2 should be able to learn from eachother in a friendly way And sorry, I am not good at spelling.


    [[EDIT]] One more thing I'd like to see, is being able to record your campaign playthroughs and zombies and survival mode (sorry to compare to another franchise but like halo, Halo lets you record everything and upload it, id like to see that for CoD Bops2)


    -One thing I'd like to see, possibly even need to see, is for some kinda DLC to bring the old maps to Bops2. I have bought all the DlC for WaW and Bops and when this game comes out, unless it isnt popular, will make Bops1 dead. I don't need remastered maps, or anything, I just want the maps that I paid for to come with me...


    -Also some kinda small reward for prestiege, I personally didn't go max prestiege but many did, and it'd be nice to have something small ofr people to know that, like maybe a mark on their guns? or a special camo? specifically for each Treyarch game where they went max? Oh heres an idea, a mark on your gun if you reached rank 5 prestiege and a silver camo for you gun if you went maxies on black ops.


    -Keep in the curencie system, I loved having to save up for that new gun, but maybe augment it a little, like make the later gun unlocks more expensive? Maybe throw in some kinda Kill=unlock system too like you can unlock camos for a gun after you score 70 kills with it, then you can buy camos for it instead of you can buy camos at lvl 30, (since its visual only. I dont wanna have to unlock my mods via kills...)


    -One other idea I had, maybe have an option to have 2 secondary weapons? Like a magnum and a full auto pistol? Im personally very good with my pistol frequently run around with just that and its annoying to have to switch to it every spawn, or maybe just be able to set what weapon is out when you spawn? so instead of spawning with your assault rifle out you spawn with your magnum?


    - Some kindof kill tracker for knife kills maybe? Like collecting dog tags?


    -Defanitly keep in Kill Confirmed from MW3


    -Keep the killstreaks as they are (maybe futuristic but the same idea) I feel they are balanced as is (speaking from Bops1 not mw3 >.<)


    - Keep wager matches! And please let us make private ones too for just us friends, (with, AND without, putting money up)


    - As annoying as Noob tubes are keep them in their it is a legitament playstyle, just give me a flakjacket type counter for them please?


    - No quickscoping please.


    - I wanna see the old zombie maps in this one too! WaW (with WaW weapons) and Bops1 (with Bops 1 weapons) maybe mix in some new weapons with the old maps but id be happy with just the formula the had before no need to change it, there is a reason we fell in love with them when we did.


    - Keep the gun customization, with the emblems and the clan tag and such, maybe even take it further, like kill milestones carved into your guns? Like get 15K kills with that gun or just in general and you get a special keychain that dangles off or something etched into your gun.


    - I kinda liked the prestiege unlocks in MW3 gave you a reason to prestiege, also loved the extra classes in Bops1, give us more reasons to prestiege! Like maybe even prestiege weapons! Or perks!


    - Keep in guest accounts, there is no reason to remove them! Maybe limit what modes they can play on such as wager matches in matchmaking, or free for all,  but keep them in Team Deathmatch and CTF, is it so bad that you know 2-4 people are working together? Isn't that the point of a TEAM based game is to actually work together? Plus it allows you to invite your friend over give him a taste of the game while your playing together, then he goes and buys the game himself! (ok yea i was trying to sell you i admit it)


    - Keep in last chance with secondary, its useless unless you have skill in which case you deserve to live anyway.


    - No Last chance with primary weapons.


    - (this one is directed at another comment) Keep the gun roster large but no more then what weve seen already we dont need 20,000 guns.


    - more vaired levels, Treyarch has always been good about this but Infinty Ward tanked. MW3 was as flat as it gets, all the levels were more or less box's, flat, covorless, nest-less, box's. I hate snipers, don't get me wrong but they are players too, give them a nest or 2 for crying out loud. Or just in general give a player the high ground, make the levels layared just keep it even on both sides.


    - Keep guns balanced there shouldn't be one in any catagory the shoots ahead of the pack each gun needs to be useable in its own way, Fn-Fal Vs. M14? Accuracy (m14) Vs clipsize and speed(Fal).


    - Don't pander to Elite, we never needed it before. Yes, integration is nice but don't satuarate us with it.


    - (xbox360 sepcific) keep party chat open for all modes. Dont limit what we can play in a team based on weather or not we want to listen to trolls.


    - Keep custom emblems in the game, I know it's troll-bait what with the ability to make Breasts, but for people who have a mind that matured past infancy, it is a nice way to be creative and make yourself stand out. 


    -  Contracts in Bops1 were a great idea, I never use them admitidly, but they were a great idea. Keep them in.


    - Keep in akimbo. It has enough drawbacks to where it is more or less balanced, just think about tweaking it, for example no akimbo shotguns. And also slow down reload with akimbo, you reload almost as fast as if you had slight of hand on. Id even go a step further by saying maybe even allow people to have akimbo and another mod like extended mags or silencers (with the right perk of course like warlord or bling) Just limit what mods you can equip (like akimbo with FMJ's would be far too overpowered, or akimbo with fire rate up would be OP as well).


    - Give us DLC guns and camos, maybe even new DLC game modes. Keep the game fresh for us. Maybe some in game non-elite events, like Bops1's all nuketown event. Maybe even casual (No tangible prize) tournaments.


    - Please no game ending killstreaks, I'll admit to get one you have to be amazing at the game and thus deserve it but it ruins the game for everyone else. The guy is already destroying you, your already gonna die, does he really have to nuke you?


    - this is purely astetic but have some female avatars, especially since this will be a future game it wont be all male marines/army out there. Give us the option to choose M/F


    - CO-OP campaign. WaW was so much fun playing the Campaign with my friends. And all the little death card augments it let us have was awesome. Added allot of humor and sometimes real challange to the games bring that back. (with online matchmaking for it)


    - On the note of my last idea, bring death card like settings to private multiplayer matches, like all grenades are duds, or everyone has a zombie appearence.


    - I loved the facepaint in Bops1, bring that back with some more options, like maybe gold facepaint?


    - I like the current setup for perks, body augmenting perks are slot one (Scavanger, ghost, flakjacket) weapons augmenting perks are 2 (Slight of hand, Warlord, Hardened) and HuD augmenting perks are 3 (Gas mask, Hacker, Ninja.) keep that setup it allows players to play how they really want to. MW's setup always felt limiting.


    - I dont know if this will be possible but keep in the Dogs Killstreak (or one like it, like maybe RC cars that hunt you down and explode?  or mech spiders or something) Its hard to earn and worth it. and it adds a new element, a hellicopter you avoid by staying inside but dogs will chase you into buildings and up stairs, theres usually only 1 or 2 spots they cant get you.


    - More new modes, Kill Confirmed was awesome but we need more. No ideas on this one just a request


    - some smaller game modes, like 2v2 (1v1 was a boosting disaster in cod4) or 3v3. confines the maps a little but give us the same modes like CTF and TDM ETC.




    - Don't mess with zombies mode. It made it this far because of what it is. More weapons new zombie types maybe and defanitly some more hidden story elements/easter eggs to find, but as far as gameplay goes, leave it alone. Just completely leave it alone. Fresh paint? Sure, make sure the colors match (yes that was a metaphor) New pickups features yadda yadda, but keep the maps small, keep it the same idea of window watching and the like. Dont change too much. Below are ideas... Most wouldnt work well togeather but alone are decent ideas. 


    -would love some more Call of the Dead esque maps, it was fun to play as danny trejo. Sarah... not so much but i can deal with it. And having a sort of boss zombie on ONE (I repeat just ONE) of the maps was really fun. Keep it at just one though... we dont need a constant boss on every map wed go insane and it would kill the mode (Ok 2 if u do a new map and bring back Call)


    - A map where the original heroes try to save the world would be good, (I.E. they travel back in time as Dempsy Nikoli takeo and Sam instead of riktofen no clue how to spell his name) Instead of allow it to be blown up.


    - The monkey were a really fun boss wave, the dogs were getting kinda boring, but dont get rid of them. And the mutant zombies from sahngri la were REALLY fun and really spiced up the gameplay. I also loved the whole long easter eggs, but it kinda sucked always needing 4 people. Maybe you could have an easter egg matchmaking playlist? for people who specifically want to do them but need more people?


    - Pack-a-punch-able equipment like knives, grenades, and claymores.


    - more equipment. C4, tripwires, some kinda tazer turret, that has a very small radious but it slows zombies down, (like a 1 in 6 difference)


    - Be able to pay an exorbanant amount of credits to Close a door. Or the abillity to pay to reinforce certain areas like put up barbed wire in a hallway, or seal up a door with concrete so yes they break through but it will take most of the round (thus causing a flood of 20-40 zombies all at once making the reinforcement a catch 22)


    - be able to pack-a-punch weapons twice, or more, each time making it more expensive (for that weapon only) and adding a new effect and or mod, or remodding your weapon entirely (got a red dot on your aug? re packapunch for the chance of a grenade launcher!... or a useless silencer). And find already packapunched weapons in the box (VERY, VERY rarely and only after youve unlocked the packapunch machine or while its acessable if its on a timer.)


    - Bring back monkey bombs. And keep the one grenade from moon that has random effects.


    - Keep the hack tool from moon. Maybe more things like it too, like Nightvision goggles.


    - Keep the old perks, add new ones. If new ones are added raise the buy-able perk cap a little like from 4>5


    - add more random drops, like the death machine. Maybe a mass shrink ray? Not insta kill like the weapon but something that makes them a little easier, and more comedic. Maybe some area of effect drops too, like u pick it up and all the zombies around each player for 4 meters dies. but not the whole map.


    - Make one or 2 maps able to hold more players, like maybe 6 player co-op. For zombies.


    - Ive already said it i know but I really wanna drive home the point that please please im litteraly begging you PLEASE bring back the old maps... give us our old, paid for maps in Bops2. Both multiplayer and zombies give us the old maps... if you take no other idea from this list give me this one... I am litterally will to pay 400-600 microsoft points for the abillity to play my old maps.... just give them to me.


    And with that I dont think I have anymore ideas.... Some people will agree with what I posted some won't. I tried to be unbiased but I doubt i suceeded. Some ideas are silly I know but some would truely help the gameplay or some things just shouldnt be touched.


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    I agree with everything in your petition except for one thing.


    Akimbo: dual wielding is an issue when players are dual wielding Machine Pistols. Regular hangun dual wields would be acceptable but the majority of players now have rapid fire modes. The solution to rapid fire mods would be the Fire Rate Limit to Semi autos which you mentioned. At a time i remember MW2 had a FRL and its would cut out the gun and make it fire a 3 burst and make you wait to shoot again, then jitter came out and that bypassed that patch, seems like after that IW gave up on trying to stop rapid fire controllers.


    Other than that have to say you did a good job on this petition list

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    G8 Post, Updating some stuff!

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    Yes the machine pistos are the issue on Akimbo

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    Well yes, you are kinda right i suppose, but new players will not miss something they never had, and casual players will not mind.  But yes this is from a vet competitive player.. cheers!

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