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Call of Duty makers, I ask you a simple thing. It is resonable and not hard.

I'm sure from reading your rules of the forums that of hacking/ cheating how you state that it is wrong to start a discussion about preventing cheating that you may have heard things that I am about to say. I don't want to stop hacking and cheating, I want to have fun! I ask you however watches over the servers, to please mosly for MW2 and WaW to do something about the hacking.


I find it odd that while playing I played some one hacking and I asked him to stop and to play the game the way it is soppused to. He replied, "Im using it to have a chance against other hackers". I then said, "You are beating us all, it is clear we are not hacking". He shot across the map without aiming and never missed ( while using RPD). He then said, " I can't turn it off" I then left and joined a new match but after about 12 that had hackers I was finished.


I am serious when I ask could you hire people to watch out for hackers on your old Call of Duty games. I personally don't like MW3 and have no option but to play the first or second one, but I can't due to the severe cheating. I have never hacked nor cheated and I don't know how to and I find it unfair to me. So I request you hire more workers to deal with this problem knowing that by making more than 400 million in a night selling MW3, that you could pay for it.


I am not a person of any interest. I have played your games since the first Call of Duty and have loved your games (I'm still playing Rome Total War). I would give you my full support but you leave your games behind in ruins. Now you say you are making Blackops 2. What will happen to the first blackops? I can only hope you don't forget about that one because I really love it. Please can you hire more employes to stop the hacking?