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Updates for MW3 PC?


I got MW3 for xbox and PC, & I see less work put into the pc more then any other console that supports MW3. Like I love infected on the xbox, when is it coming to the PC, the spawning system needs the most work then ever and the hackers. I mean come on its been months since the release of the game we need some good patches for the game for every console involved, & this is all coming from a girl...

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    You can already play Infected on PC, but it is in Dedicated Servers and you won't get XP for playing it...

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    Just to clarify: PCs are not consoles.


    But argreed: the PC should be getting more atention.


    Poison_pawn PCO

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      Manly as the developer are getting paid to pramote the Xbox version,

      The PC Version beats the xbox on graphics alone but is riddled with cheeters if they realy wanted to they would make a killing on the PC but Microsoft will not eg not sell any consoles

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        You know, MS could make more profit selling Win 7 than they can from XBox. Their thinking is screwed up too. If I sold Win 7, I would want PPL to buy or build PCs. I built one just yesterday, and I'm still loading software. I bought a new Win 7 just for it too.

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          Right, but not really.


          Look at it this way. M$ doesn't make money on the hardware... period. When SuckBox 360 came out, they were losing about $100 per console sold. M$ makes their money off of the games. So really, every 2 or 3 games that are sold for SuckBox 360 equals the same amount that would be made on one copy of Win7. Let alone, most of those games M$ pays ZERO overhead and ZERO development costs. For Win7 not the case; M$ pays both of those on any Windows version. That said, they may actually make more money selling one game versus one copy of Windows.

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