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Dedicated servers thread.


We must inform Treyarch that ranked dedicated servers are must.

MW3 ranked lobby **** can't happen again.


Use twitter and other portals, we must get the word to the devs.

Keep the thread alive!



EDIT: Thanks 3ARC!

  • 1. Re: Dedicated servers thread.

    This is a must have.....mw3 was a bust because of it... and it didn't stop any sort of hacking at all.... i cant tell you the number of times i was randomly paired into hacked games and jumped 70 levels after 2 kills. dedicated servers or fail!!

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    Agreed, and we need FUNTIONAL dedicated servers that are RANKED!!! not the broken crap they tried to pass off as dedicated servers in MW3.


    CoD4/WaW style servers is the way they need to go, but I have a better chance of stepping out my door and finding a paper bag with ten million dollars on my front porch.  We can only hope they're at least better than BO1 servers.



    If they try to force the horribly broken, ultra laggy, hacker friendly P2P system on us then I WILL NOT buy the game, period.

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    I never bought MW3, I was so close to buying it but the day I heard no ranked dedis I decided no buy.

    I just knew it would be MW2 mess all over again, and what I heard it has been even worse.

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    couldnt agree more the pc users got completely ignored last year. No servers i wont be paying and im not the only one

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    Deffo a requirement,,,,,MW3 is by far the WORST MP game so far. Cheat infested pile of chit.

    Untill they broadcast that they are adding dedicated servers my money will be staying in my pocket!!!!!!!!!

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    To Treyach:

    I don't know how much liberty as developers you have, and I don't care: Treyarch. or Ativision it make no difference to me who makes these decisions,

    But if you lie to us one time, you might as well just not make a PC version.


    We will not be fooled again, we know you're not to stupid to make plain and concise statements.

    Plain and simple, if you don't give us plain simple documentation (before release) we will not buy your product, or any Ativsion product, again, EVER.


    and we're not talking about incoherent tweets; we're talking actual documentation; the kind that would be expected from any reputable company.


    These are the Quetions, we NEED answered, before we even THINK about buying your product.


    Will there be dedicated servers? yes, or no.


    If yes: will they be ranked? yes, or no.


    Will they be tied to an exclusive GSP? yes, or no.


    will there be FTP access? yes or no.


    Will there be QUAKE style server files as there has been in every Call of duty game up til MW3? yes or no.


    Will the server file be accessible? yes or no.


    Will dvars be locked? yes or no.


    If so which dvars will be locked?


    Will the servers generate logs? yes or no.


    If yes What events will be logged?



    Poison_pawn PCO

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    Help the P.C. players with support from the Devs at Treyarch.We want everything console gets and more.No more being excluded from everything. We deserve better.Prove to us blk ops to is for all platforms not just x box port to P.C..Support us and maybe we will think about mmmm supporting you again.

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    Dedicated Servers(DS)  are a must. If Activision is smart and Treyarch is responsive, there will be dedicated servers for several reasons:


    Hacking has always had a negative effect on gamers. Dedicated serevrs allow the owners to ban and identify hackers giving other users a feeling of fairness and equanimity.


    DS allow Clans to create identities - very important for multiplayer scenarios.


    DS allow owners to create rules and rid gaming of racism, bullying etc.


    I could go on...


    The GHOST Clan would very much like to see dedicated servers returned. MW3 has bombed for several reasons but for us, the main reason was the lack of dedicated servers.


    Come and tell us what you think:





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    It's already well-accepted in the PC community so we will be seeing dedicated servers like in the first installment. There's really no need to start a poll about it.

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