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Looking for a team

I am looking for a team to play pubs and semi competitive with. My K/D is 1.73 and i have a 68% win percentage. I run slayer obj and any other role i need to play. Let me know if you are recruiting. I will try out

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    Add tL Twin and message me

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    Check out Rage Reborn.  www.RageReborn.net is our website.  I will link you to our Elite page in just a minute.


    We have members who play anything and everything from Core TDM all the way to HC HQ.  We currently have 32 members, and are level 18.  We just formed right at a month ago, so I think we are coming along nicely.  We have placed gold in all clan ops, and our best showing was our debut clan op where we placed 9th in most kills core TDM.


    If you are interested, go to our website and fill out an application.


    Our Elite page, if you are interested in looking us up, is: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/1769631


    I am the leader, my gamertag is IVIikeKicksAss (those are i's).


    The other founder is VRed MS3.  Message either of us, or IVIrs Psycho for more information, just let them know I sent you.

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    I will give you a tryout. Clan is Kr0n1cGaming. Clan info and requirements are in my XBL bio. Add and message me on Xbox Live if you're interested.

    GT: M4r7i4N

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    Check out Tactical Gaming.  We are recruiting. PS3, 360 and PC!  Tell them TG-Bombshell sent you.