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    Yup completely agree, thing is most people get on and play when they know they clearly shouldnt be playing. If theres things going on in your household that requiere your attention heres a though uhhmm don't get online!


    I always loved the Temp ban in Halo, it worked so well. The beauty of it is that it gives you a set of times you can quit, have and emergency? fine back out but thats 1 of 3. Why would you get back on within the same hour if you ave an emergency? so you should nothing to worry about if youre quitting for the right reasons.


    As for modders and cheaters, Treyarch does a wonderful job of not allowing that in their games. In my history of playin WaW and BO when they have on going support i NEVER ran into speed up, infected, god mode type of lobbies. So you quitting because of that is total BS think of another clever excuse because that particular excuse only works in MW2 and MW3.


    Joining a losing game?! heres an easy way to counter that. PLAY WITH A FRIEND OR TWO! Lone wolfing is cool when there is no one online. Majority of the time there at least 15 friends online. Dont have that many friends? Stop being a douche and make some

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    RIGHT! if it works with millions of players on Halo, why not here.

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    Hehe. I do have a good group of guys I play with, my work schedule has me going on at odd times. The funny thing is, right now I always have a good sized group of friends on, however they mostly hate or are just plain fed up with MW3 so they aren't playing it anymore. Lone Wolfing it a lot lately as a result, I look forward to them coming back into the game when BlOps 2 comes out. Even playing in groups of 3 or so, we've been stuck in lobbies where the entire other team quit and we get thrust into the match down 50 kills. Always good fun.

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    It's a game. You shouldn't feel forced to play or finish a game. I understand where you are coming from, but no one (that isn't making money from playing video games) should take games serious.

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    If there wasn't crappy lag problems and cheaters exploiting it, I wouldn't quit a round.

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    Well Hot Fixes worked fine in MW3, all exploits that go viral got fixed under 48 hrs.

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    got to be joking, with the host getting lag comped to hell. if the hit detection is as bad as it was in wow and lag ops. people are going to quit. i had to put up with it in lag ops and now mw3, now all i do every time it makes me host i quit, and i mean every time. i dont care, why should i be punnished for being host.


    went on lag ops last night for a laugh, had some good fun on gun game, but as soon as we went into tdm, bang hit detection bullshit.  lag . next game i am host. i can tell because i shoot someone nothing happens.  i pull out my rpg. shoot it next to his feet. bingo nothing. he runs off . why should the game make 6 gods against the host. or some hosts anyway.


    instead of trying to punnish someone, give them the choice of wanting to be host or not. then yes i agree if they quit after they have said they want to be host. they should be punnished in someway.but to punnish people who dont want to be host in the first place is wrong.

    or even better fix the lag tone the lag comp right back to mw2. fix the terrible hit detection. and make the kill streaks stackable, i think it makes the game more fast paced. one of my friends if he is 2 kills away from a kill streak he will not move, you need a hammer and chisel to move him when he is on lag ops.    but on mw3 he is no where near as bad.

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    OP this is a ridiculous and ill informed POV. Clearly,, based on the volume of topics you have spammed, your agenda is less on initiating through provoking discourse and more on increasing your post count.


    Please...stop trolling the forum with volume and focus you efforts more on initiating quality  discussion.

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    the only problem with this "quit ban" thing is the fact that it was only implemented because there was no "join-in-progress" feature.


    but according to the new game informer for the month of April, 343i is indeed putting in a "join-in-progres" feature for Halo 4 which probably means that there wont be a quit ban system.


    besides, the quit ban was NOT a good idea anyway. people still quit out regardless. and the COD community is WORSE in handling losing than the Halo community is, so they quit out more which would make this quit ban just a bad thing for the series.

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    we all love stats so lets just have a MIA (missing in action) stat if your a quiter it will be there for all to see

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