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This is xPRxNiinoh and im publishing this messege because i cant....repeat cant play MW3 without getting owned by a hacker,


They call their selve`s pro.......wen they keep using hacks...for example they respawn our team every 15 seconds and kill us with akimbo.
Other use,map they have us on the radar and no one hasent even kill.....they kill us even if we behind a wall......we respawn even if the game is starting and boom! we dead.

Another one is that they 1 shot us with any gun even if we full.....AND NO is NOT A SNIPER. how i know? wen i get killed i see the gun i got killed with


Now i say......WHAT ARE YOU GUYS GONA DO ABOUT THIS? i mean this is not fair....getting own and being judge by a hacker that call it selve a pro using hacks......


Hope the team does something about this because is anoying....