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Girls in mw3


I am really starting to wonder if it's possible if i could go into a search game and not get trash talked because i'm a girl...i get called fat, ugly, no life, and get told no one wants me, and i can't forget the whole get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich...this is really amusing to me and i do talk back obviously....however sometimes it would be nice if i could actually get into a game and have cool people on both teams and i know it's nearly impossible...but the whole point of this thread is why do you have to trash talk girls...you do realize that what you say to us is just as easily true to you since you are doing the same thing we are....makes no sense to me ever...just cause i'm a girl doesn't make me fat or ugly or so forth...i'm happily married go to college and work 5 days a week please tell me how i have no life...i play xbox to have fun and get away from crap not to endure more of it

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