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    Join your own party?

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    i play search and only search you have to be in game chat and i play with 2 or more people in a party so no private chat...i'm just wondering why i cant get into a good game with good players who aren't going to trash talk me just cause i'm a girl or hit on me and send me random friend requests just cause i'm a girl

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    what i am saying is i don't care if i get trash talked due to skill level which i do have my bad games but don't trash me cause i'm a girl who plays cod

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    i guess you'll have to get used to it...i used to play rainbow six with this couple i met on xbl and she would always get **** talked for being a girl...it was hilarious because she would kick their ass in the game

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    i am used to it, i'm just trying to get feedback as to why lol..trust me i do my fair share of trash talk but i wouldn't do it to someone based on gender

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       You must be kickin some butts, because most of the matches I'm in where there is a girl, all the guys are asking her her breastsize, phone number, if she has a facebook page with lots of pics, etc.

       I've played against a lot of good female players. ... as a matter of fact, female players seem to have a higher ratio of good players than guys ....... but even the ones that were on top of the leaderboards seemed to get 9 pickup lines for every smackline.


       Of course, it seems most of them go along with it . Maybe being that you sling it back you are doing some serious ego bruising.

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    not to sound like a dooche or put anyhting towards you but in this online community it is known to not see much girls in the community in a lobby and when it does happen most of the time its a cocky girl acting like she needs special treatment but hey not everyone gets special treatment on CoD let alone Multiplayer games alone. its just how the gaming community works no matter what gender,race,age,sex,life form you are you get treated the same like everyone else in the community. you find dooche bags you **** talk back when they **** talk you back. you don't believe what they say if you know that it isn't true. just mute them thats why the button is there. again there is no special treatment in gaming communities. you get called a no life, camper,gay,***,homo,****,****,*****,*******,creeper,stalker,**** nugget, and some racial slurs as well and you yourself and your friends know who you are not them so letting them get to your head makes them think they are hurting/trolling you which is what they want. so yeah don't give them what they want easy as that.

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    Lol I'm ranked 45800 something in search of course I kick butt and I get my fair share of pickup lines and guys asking for my fb and my number but mainly trash talk ...maybe it is cause I bruise their ego haha

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    I think its hot when girls play video games.

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    And men say women are weird creatures hahahaa i think blokes are weirder i don't get it either as soon as they here a female talking they go stupid in the head. And yeah either hit on them or call them all sorts of profanities because the girl keeps killing them. In my experience girls make better gamers as they don't get dristracted by the testorone fuelled dribble that goes on. I have a  few women gamers on my friends list and get along fine with them even when we play in a locked out lobby and they kick my arse. I would say you are a gamer pure and simple and gendor has nothing to do with it and i am glad to here these nitwits are easily stumped by words that have more then three sylibles in them lol.

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