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Prestieges have no excuse to suck.

Seriously, you are like 6th presteige how the hell are you going 9-36? (This was an actual score I saw from someone)


You can honestly not tell me that you decided to let your mentally challenged brother play for that one round. How on earth have you spent that much time in the game and still suck that bad?


I'm level 28 with a .78 KDR and I get to the top of the scoreboard better than some of these people, sheesh.

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    Games been out for 6 months. Can suck real bad and still be pretty high. Also, who cares?

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    could b alot of things derbats, and probably the person is trying to rank a random gun, for the xp!? or theyre going against a hardened clan!? when im going against a bunch of yellow clan tags, even i can seem to suck!?

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    So then whats your excuse as a non-prestiger to suck? 0.78 is not good by any means and looking at the date that you signed up to these forums you cannot claim that you just bought the game.

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      There are so much factors that can add to bad gameplay:

      • Matches before that one (being angry does not make you play well)
      • Lag
      • Who is actually behind the remote
      • Whether they got their rank legitimately
      • The amount of BS in this game is the biggest factor as to why I have a 1.5 K/D now (in BO it was 1.72 or so)

      Also, rank does not and never will determine your skill level. This is how it has been in every CoD game, from the very first one to now. Yes, most of the time it's a good means of seeing how a person might be but, it's completely inaccurate otherwise. If you want to see how skilled a person is then actually watch them. If they have a youtube channel, then compare their gameplay to their stats and compare what you see to find out if what they have on a their channel is accurate to their stats. You could also try Elite TV and check out a couple a games to try and compare. But, as I said, the most accurate way to tell if a player is skilled would be documentation.

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    OP - You have no excuse the misspell 'Prestige'.



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    Ok look at it this way, I'm 8th Prestige... I have a 1.79 KD a few days ago I was playing against a clan and I ended the first half with 2-11. They worked well together, caught me in the right places and I was raging a bit.


    Second half I managed to get a streak and bring it up to 24-13, everyone has their moments of rage where they get shot by someone they perceive to be camping so rush another way to catch them off guard only to get caught by their team mate... as someone said before, anger really does get you killed easily. The flip side to that is being with a crap team, I struggled to get a ratio of 1 in a few matches earlier when I was up against a team who dominated the map well with sniper rifles and smg's, my team mates were crap and ended up with us spawning in front of snipers most of the time.


    Just because someone has prestiged doesn't mean they are going to dominate every match... but agreed it should be some sort of sign that they have a bit of experience in the game and there for know how to turn it around?

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    If everybody got good in this game, who would really be playing it a lot?

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    most just boost there way up there then when they decided to play proper there just god damn crap

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    prestige is more of a time served badge not skill badge

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    i dunno. i know i am 13th prestige, and every now and then i'll have a really negative game. sometimes, i'm on the phone, and not paying too much attention to the game, sometimes i'm trying to rank up a gun i absolutely can't get used to, sometimes i'm using a riot shield and getting destroyed, sometimes there is a little lag, and sometimes the other team is just that much better.

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    Prestige != skill level.


    KDR does not always equate to skill either.


    I am 15/80 (and have been for a while). I also got to the original 10/80 very fast and did so not caring about my KDR.  lol when I 1st hit 10/80 my KD was 0.79.  From my stats you would think: This guy sucks, why is he 15/80, he must have boosted as his stats are crap.


    TBH, I am not the greatest player, but I have have had decent killstreaks (I cannot get past 26 though... damnit), my W/L is not stellar, but is positive.  I am a team player and do half decent half of the time.


    My KD has risen to 0.88 (still not great but you can see I can raise it if I wish), but now I am leveling shotguns and pistols so it is not moving up by leaps and bounds until I get better with them.


    People who think that prestige = skill level (or should play certain ways etc...) obviously have yet to experience life.  Stop thinking like 12 year olds (whether you are one, or not). Play the game, have fun, live and let live.

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      Well said.  On the Xbox where I first started playing this game I was at around . 85 and as I have gotten better I have raised it to around .98 or whatever.  Now, for some reason I aim better with this game on the PS3 and I have been floating between (what I am now) 1.018 and a 1.1+.


      I just flipped it so now I have to deal with the early on crap which is screwing me up but whatever.  I'm going to make a run for a few gold guns so I'm sure my kdr will suffer. 

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    What did you really aim  with this thread??

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    I decided to flip it since I ordered BO2 and had an extra token.  I wasn't going to but what the hell, figured at least doing it once to open the challenges is ok.  BUT, I hate flipping it because getting to level 4 with the presets drives me crazy!!  It's so hard to do well with those retarded loadouts.


    I only flip it once as I get way to used to having all of my big stuff unlocked and I play like crap for awhile because a lot of my tactics, I can't use because I don't have what's needed lol.  Oh well, just part of the game I suppose.


    Trust me, I have seen some really bad guys that are 10+.  But then again maybe they were just screwing around or working on getting something done too, always possible.

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    I have a kd of 0.62 and at 4th prestige. I know that sounds terrible but this is the first call of duty I have ever played online. I started out with a kd of 0.31 and have been working my way up ever since. I can usually hold my own now going positive or close to it most games, but I get severely outmatched sometimes and have had games like you mentioned but at least I will continue to fight. Am I supposed to rage quit instead? Its all about experience. I have 10 days logged or so on this game and that is the extent of my experience on multiplayer in COD.

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      Hey, as long as you are having fun.  I only played the original CoD's on the PC way back when and MW3 is my first time back into MP gaming so I started low and krept my way up as well.  I haven't been haivng so much fun because my kdr dropped a bit but I have to tell myself to have fun first instead of getting all ticked off lol.


      I try to have fun and do good, some games I rip it up and other times I can't get anything going at all.  I just prestiged and now I don't have anything open yet and damn it sucks haha.  only doing that once as I hate unlocking everything over and over again.

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    So, since Im 15th prestige, you expect me to go flawless, get a moab or a high streak every game? Liven up abit! I only have 12 days game time and a 1.9KD. Yes i have more experience where the camping spots are how most of the maps work and the high traffic areas, but it doesnt mean ill go negative some game! Sometimes up against clans i do struggle, as they all have mics, i play with and without mine sometimes. I do have my very good, good, average, poor and shocking games but doesnt everyone? The guy/girl who the OP says went 9 and 36 might have been going through a bad game or just was doing something different? when i were 14/80 i used to RPG for fun. Ran around with the PP90 as it has a quicker running speed etc and then whilst on specialist, swap to my RPG and BOOM! I usually go negative or just postive when i run around having fun. But isnt that what the game is about? Fun? aslong as the guy was enjoying himself, maybe raging a bit, then its fine, so what if youre a high prestige etc, you just put more time into the game. High prestiges doesnt always mean they are amazing players.

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    I don't agree that prestige = quality player. It just tells you that they have not remained stagnant in regards to the levels. And by the way, we all have good / bad days bro, no matter how good or how many hours you've played.

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    Somedays your the windshield , somedays your the BUG . This game is so random from game to game..Prestige dont  = anything.when the lag gods are against ya

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    Prestige is no indicator of skill whatsoever. Its more like a time played indicator.

    So if a guy went 9-36 in prestige 2,his skill wont just start improving because he prestiges.

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    The grind in MW3 is easy as hell.


    Prestige =/= skill.