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    I rather them make a system or Dashers, I don't care for people who rage quit, and sometimes you just have to.


    But I want people who Dash, taken care of.

    I'm tired of hearing people says (even my friends sometimes.) "Man, I gotta dash this game is going to ruin my K/D"


    I want them reset or some time-out. No action taken against them means they promote doing it.

    Time to step up.

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    fully agree there 4.0 k/d with 5000 quits or dashboard does not sound so cool now the quiters .

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    All in all I feel that the search function should eliminate games with less than 1/2 the game left to played from the search criteria.


    I don't feel I sould take a loss for something that I didn't put 1/2 or more effort into.

  • 23. Re: Quit = Temp Ban

    I agree with you, actually want this to happen.


    But I don't see how they can do this/filter it out as matchmaking periods would take longer and might be buggy.


    I can see them doing it, but I highly doubt they will (If they can make a working one.)

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    V3LKRO wrote:


    In case you haven´t played Halo, they have a great feature to encourage players dont rage quit the game.


    If you quit more than 3 times in 1 hour i think, you get a 15 min Temp ban.


    This will help with all the quiters we have now in COD, less "Join in progress" games about to lose, and of course a lot less dashboarding.


    No thanks... life can get in the way of gaming.


    I can care less if people quit mid-game.

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    It is not about "taking a game seriously" it is about wasting other people's time by quitting early. This can make the game one-sided and probably take longer because there are less people. Then you also get people with wasted time because they join a game that is something like 7400-2300. Oh, and those people that join get a loss as well. Temp-bans are an easy way to help curb this problem.

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    Very simple solution is adopt FIFA'S DNF method where other gamers can clearly see if that persons K/D is legit or not (2.87k/d 23%dnf) if this was on your player card and you've played 1000 games that says to me you quit your bad games to keep your k/d .

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    Well said, especially points 2 & 3

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    That would also count games you join in progress and back out to try and get an earlier lobby, so its flawed.


    Quitting when your 3-7 is better then Dashing.

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    I don't think they should do that, as much as I get annoyed with it that people rage quit in a good match. But some people have parents who will just cut the power/internet if we're not right there, or the dog is sick etc. Its a game, but sometimes we can't be glued to the tv, what about an important phone call, your not going to sit there half the day just sitting there, you're most probably going to play on the xbox etc if you have one.