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Suggestion For Tryarch


Ok, let me start off with saying that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing Treyarch made games over any that IW has made.


I heard some information that IW will no longer be making COD games because of the huge drop in sales from MW3.  (no fact just what I heard from a friend that works for GameStop).


Now on to my suggestion:


Rather than try and produce a new COD title every year.  Continue with elite like a season pass and offer DLC that will go into all playlist immediately upon download monthly for lets say 18 months.  Start about 2 months after release.  This would allow Treyarch 2 years to develop the next big release and keep fans playing as new maps, etc. are released each month.


The key item that has dissappointed me with MW3 was that the elite dlc that you get for 9 months is only playable in the elite game mode.  These game mode almost always include a mode that an idividual doesn't want to play.  In my case I am a Hardcore TDM player.....I don't want nor like to play....S & D, or Kill Confirmed.


Please post your thoughts.




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    MW3 sales were not low at all.


    Not everyone is going to buy or trust in Elite for content they don't even get until later.


    You can play the new maps in regular game modes you just need to get people with the maps to play with you. The reason they can't put it in the regular game modes is because not everyone has the maps.

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    the elite playlist is there to match you with the people who have the same maps you do. this is why you cannot go into a public match to find those maps. if you were to do that then you would probably be waiting 10-20 minutes to find a match with people who have the same maps you do. the elite playlist is there to cut out all that search time so you can get to playing it right away.


    i think what would be easier is if they just added those game types to the elite playlist instead. make it much easier.

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      @john26 - As for what was expected with sales for MW3 (to top Black Ops).  MW3 failed miserably.


      @KTPhoenix - I agree to an extent.  But if you have more than 2 people in your party you tend to wait 5-20 minutes to get in a normal game mode.  No don't misunderstand what I am saying.  As you have more people in your party the time you search increases, significantly.


      I do feel that they could have the individual game mode in the elite list.  But the Elite (Season Pass) would give everyone the ability to get the maps monthly.  If you have Elite you get the monthly DLC for free, because you paid for it.  If you don't you can pay for that individual pack.  Picture it as being similar to Forza 4.  In one sense it gives Activision the opportunity to make more money and allow Treyarch more production time for the next game.