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    This only applies when you quit 4 times in less than an hour. If you got more real life important things to do, (more than 5 in one hour) you should not be playing.

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    I could care less about quitters.  What I would like to see change is the way a win/loss is kept up with.  If a host dashboards mid match, that person and he/she ALONE should get the loss. It sucks that everyone in the match gets a loss when this happens.  I think that the wins and losses should only count for a complete match, From start to finish. 

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    As for join in progress it should be made only to count once u have chosen your class and activley entered the game therefore giving the player a choice whether to play or leave this works well if the game is about to end or the game is too far gone to have a chance of winning!!!

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    Yes i put a KD vd WL threat, and why WL is worthless in this game,   i can tell you like 30% of my losses are not legit.


    Basically, what i promote was "Any game you join in progress , will not count as a loss or win" if you quit or dashboard it will count as a loss.

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    What if you have to leave when your friends invite you? or had to go out now? or things you need to get done faster? UNFAIR when banned. -_-

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    I have quit before, most times I have to go do something.


    Maybe make it like Halo where you quit 20 times in one day and you get a ban.

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    I've read through this thread and seeing some interesting points on every side.


    To me, it seems that the best way to keep it from happening is to actively save stats as you go through the game. I've had it happen both ways to me. I've left early when having a horrendous game (Not all that often, but lets face it, we play for fun, and there are times its just NOT fun), and I've also had matches end unexpectedly when I was having a good game.  I've had challenges revoked or had to restart them because the kills I got in that match were lost.  It seems if the game tracked kills to your record constantly throughout the course of the game, rather than compiling them afterwards, perhaps there would be less quitters. Dashboarding won't help, your kills/deaths have already been logged. I've had games where I started out horribly and turned it around, perhaps it would convince others to try to do the same.


    I also am liking the idea of a DNF stat. I think for most of us, pride would keep us from allowing that stat to rise whenever possible. Life will still get in the way and we will still have to leave games early from time to time, but I think the ban feature leaves too many questions to work effectively for this game.


    One thing I would like to see, and perhaps needs another thread, is a "kick player" in-game feature. Got a team killer? Someone stealing your care packages, destroying team's equipment, blasting music over the com system, trash talking, etc? Nominate them to be kicked, if the majority of your team votes for it, that player is booted from the lobby and takes a loss on their record. Some downsides to this as well, I am sure it could be used to bully others and perhaps even cause players simply having a bad game to be kicked, but at the same time would help serious players get rid of the riff-raff that plagues multi-player team-based modes.

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    meh...dashboarding is one thing...backing out is just fine with me.  i paid 50 bucks or whatever for the game on release day.  i didn't pay to get lagged out, shot by invinsible people and heatseeking bullets.  i will leave when and how i choose to.  but thanks anyway.


    side note...i would support a dashboarding ban...

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    They need a system that will not drop a game but only does host migration no matter how a player quits. There however should be a number for how many times you quit that is attached to your combat record. I realize people have things that cause them to quit prematurley but I believe this statistic would help seperate the people who quit just to bolster their K/D and those who are in the normal spectrum of numbers of quits. I also would like to see a game where you do not get dumped into a losing game thats like 2100-6500 and there is tons of air support killing everyone in sight dogs running around and such. These games need to finish with the people that are there, not by dumping some poor sap in the game who has no chance except to get wasted a few times before taking a loss on their record. If everyone quits on the losing team the winning team gets a win by forfeit. No reason to complain about that IMO. This sort of thing does somewhat fall under bad matchmaking as far as peoples stats and how they are selected to their team. This can be horrendous at times grouping the losing team over and over and that can be very frustrating.

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    been there!